Landscaping Suggestions for February and March

February 26, 2021 Published by Leave your thoughts

Landscaping might be the furthest thing from your mind when you’re stuck in a seemingly never-ending winter, but there’s plenty of preparation you can do as you wait for the arrival of spring and the better weather that comes along with it. Here are a few late winter tips for landscaping in Chazy, NY. Landscaping suggestions for February This is the time to prune fruit trees, berry plants and grapevines. You can also get rid of any winter damage that may have been caused to plants, shrubs and grasses. However, be sure not to prune spring flowering shrubs and trees.... View Article

The Pros and Cons of Stump Grinding

February 12, 2021 Published by Leave your thoughts

So, you’ve decided to remove a tree on your property, but have you thought about what you’re going to do with the stump that’s left behind? Read on to learn more about different approaches to stump removal in Chazy, NY. Methods of stump removal There are various ways to proceed after removing a tree. Chemical applications require little physical effort, but they can require plenty of time and attention to ensure they’re working properly. You could completely dig out the stump and its roots, which is often a labor-intensive and expensive process. Maybe you don’t want to remove the stump... View Article

How to Identify and Care for Different Types of Grass

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Contrary to popular belief, not all grass is the same, and different species of grass require different approaches to flourish and grow. To get the most out of your lawn, it’s important to know what kind of grass you have and what it requires to be as healthy as possible. Make sure your lawn in Chazy, NY is as green and lush as it can be by learning how to identify and care for different types of grass. Types of grass in different growing regions Different regions are home to different types of grasses. Here are some regions of the... View Article

Different Kinds of Grass

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A lot of property owners assume that all grass is pretty much the same, but the reality is that there are lots of different types of grass out there, with different qualities and characteristics. If you’re thinking about refreshing your landscaping with new grass in Chazy, NY, it’s worth it to learn more about these different types of grass to help you decide which kinds are best for your preferences and needs. Keep reading to learn more about different types of grass and for advice on how to choose the best grass for your property. Different kinds of grass in... View Article

Ways You Can Change Your Soil’s pH

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If you have finicky plants like azaleas or blueberries, or color-changing ones like hydrangeas, your soil’s pH can have a dramatic effect on their health, lifespan and output. Certain plants only grow well in alkaline soil, while others need acidic soil. In a hydrangea’s case, the soil pH determines whether the flowers will be blue or pink. Understanding what your plants need—and what they can’t tolerate—is the key to a healthy, thriving garden. Read on to learn how to adjust your soil’s pH, then call for professional plant fertilization services in Chazy, NY. How does pH affect plants? Most native... View Article