What Can an Excavating Contractor Do for You?

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If you are performing heavy-duty landscaping, you likely require a contractor to help with excavating in Chazy, NY. The same is true if you decide you require additional buildings, or even building one large home. Any time changing your yard involves changing the texture of your land or adding large features, you require the heavy machinery and skill of a good excavator. Here are four jobs we can accomplish for you:

  • Prepare for a swimming pool: If your ambitions include an in-ground swimming pool or hot tub, the first step is to dig a big hole. Once completed, your installer can finish the rest and you will enjoy a backyard water oasis before you know it. To create a hole, an excavation contractor assesses your yard and starts digging while avoiding utility lines and preserving the rest of your yard. We offer the same service if, instead of a pool or hot tub, you decide on a water feature or large fishpond. All of these projects start with a hole, and if it is not formed correctly, you may face issues with utility reliability and land erosion. The last thing you need after creating your pool or water feature is to have it sink into the land because its initial hole in the ground lacked integrity.
  • Exploration: Whether you are building or making major landscaping changes, it must first be determined if your plans are safe. Ground water, utilities and even ancient artifacts can end or delay a project before it gets started. Worker safety and maintaining your creature comforts are big priorities—no one wants to get hurt on the job, and you certainly do not want to go without water or power because of an ill-planned move. Failing to preserve artifacts from the past often results in penalties and fines. Exploration determines the best places to work, and also whether your land is appropriate for the project in the first place. This helps your plans materialize without a hitch.
  • Trenching: Before building, trenches are necessary for securing a foundation. This is also done by excavation contractors. Trenches need to accommodate the foundation, but also hold it securely on ground that will not sink and threaten structural integrity. As we form trenches, we also assure stability so building projects get a good start. This is careful work that goes beyond just digging holes and using heavy machinery.
  • Utility ditches: Gas lines, water pipes, utility wires and telephone lines require trenches before they are installed in a new building project. Your goals may include a shop with electricity or the home of your dreams. As it comes together, an excavation contractor assures you have access to power, gas, water and the internet. We also determine the most productive layout so landscaping and preservation projects do not interfere with that access.

If you require a contractor for excavating in Chazy, NY, call Rand Hill Lawns Inc. today. We look forward in being a partner in your building or landscaping goals.

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