Choose Wisely When You Need Tree Trimming in Chazy, NY

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Tree trimming assures the health and strength of your trees so a single winter storm does not lead to one crashing down or piercing your roof with large branches. At Rand Hill Lawns Inc. we offer a variety of tree services, including tree removal and tree trimming in Chazy, NY. Choosing your tree trimmer poorly results in impacts that raise insurance premiums and damage your property. Here is how to find the best tree trimmer for your needs:

  • Find a legitimate company: Tree work is dangerous and requires professional training. It is not unusual for anyone with a chainsaw and a ladder to claim they are a tree trimmer, so you must be careful whom you hire. Err on the side of caution and go with a company with a business license and proof of insurance. If you hire an individual or company without insurance, any injuries or damage will result in claims against your homeowner’s insurance. Since there is an above-average chance of injuries and danger in this work, do not take this risk, and be wary of any trimmer who will not allow you confirm their insurance status.
  • Ask about safety gear: The use of safety gear indicates professionalism. Skilled trimmers never use ladders, so if you see a ladder, this shows a lack of training. Ground personnel should, at the very least, be equipped with helmets with face shields or protective glasses and steel work boots. Climbers use arborist climbing ropes with a saddle and harness ensemble. They wear helmets, eye protection and work boots as well. If it appears your tree trimmers are unprepared, tell them you do not have the money for the work right now and ask them to leave.
  • Request written estimates: You do not want to choose a service that does not provide written estimates. This protects you by quoting a price and listing the details so you know exactly what to expect. If anything changes due to unforeseen circumstances (such as a diseased tree that needs removal rather than just a trim), your tree service should be able to communicate that to you and secure your permission first before charging extra.
  • Ask about additional services: Will your tree service haul away debris, or just leave it for you to stuff in your yard debris bin? Are they only trimming dead branches, or making your whole tree look better? If you require a removal, what happens to the stump? You cannot assess estimates unless you know the details. For many customers, knowing the debris will be gone or a stump will be ground down is worth the extra expense. Others may not only want a healthier tree, but also one that is more aesthetically pleasing. Whether you want just the basics or full service from trim to cleanup, know what you are paying for and what works best for you.
  • Be patient: Shop around. Inquire with many tree services. Prices and skills vary, and you want good service and a fair deal. Do not go with a tree trimmer who makes you feel uncomfortable with their business and safety practices just because they are the least expensive.

For help with tree trimming in Chazy, NY and other yard services, contact the expert team at Rand Hill Lawns Inc. today.

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