Avoid These Red Flags When Seeking Snow Removal in Clinton County, NY

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It’s a cold job, but somebody has to do it. When you need your roadways, walkways and driveways cleared of several inches of powder, who should you contact? You want someone reliable, efficient and affordable. As you choose a provider for snow removal in Clinton County, NY, watch for these warning signs. If you notice any of these red flags pop up, look elsewhere for your snow removal service.

The Price Is Too High

No one wants to pay more than they should for any product or service. While you usually have to pay more for higher quality, a trustworthy snow removal company should keep its rates within normal averages. Be wary of any provider of snow removal in Clinton County, NY that adds extensive fees for each task or offers a base rate that is much higher than other companies.

The Price Is Too Low

Keep in mind, you get what you pay for. If you find a company that is offering rock-bottom rates, there’s probably a reason. Consider whether or not the rate is reasonable for the services offered. Will it cover their expenses? Exactly what will they provide for that rate? If it sounds too good to be true, it’s probably a scam. A solid provider of snow removal in Clinton County, NY has to charge enough to cover equipment and manpower. Those who don’t might not show up when the snow comes down.

Tip: The average cost of snow removal in Clinton County, NY is around $170, with an average range of $103 to $181. Get more than one quote for snow removal to determine if a company is charging appropriately. Shopping around a bit will allow you to discern whether the rate is reasonable.

They Don’t Offer a Contract

If you enter into an agreement with a service provider, they should put everything in writing. Your contract with them should specify exactly what services will be provided, how much they cost, when payment is due and any other terms upon which you have agreed. No reputable company simply relies on a verbal agreement or a handshake. Ensure expectations are clear by establishing everything in writing up front, before payments are made or work is to begin.

They Subcontract

Large companies may hire subcontractors to assist with the completion of their contracts. However, be cautious in these situations. As you choose a service for snow removal in Clinton County, NY, ask them who will be doing the work. If you expect to work with one company and their employees, and you end up receiving the snow removal from an entirely different crew, you may not be satisfied with the job. Ask plenty of questions to determine the exact process for your snow removal and discover if the ones performing the work are reliable.

Avoid snow removal scams by contacting established professionals in your community. For additional questions about snow removal in Clinton County, NY or to schedule your seasonal services, contact the trusted experts at Rand Hill Lawns Inc. today.

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