Follow These Tips to Find the Best Company for Tree Service in Chazy, NY

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Those old, heavy tree branches hanging over your home could be putting your family at risk if a limb were to unexpectedly fall. Not only do damaged and dead trees detract from the overall appearance of your property, but they can also have the potential to be incredibly dangerous without the proper maintenance and care. That’s why you need a great tree service to ensure the tree is strong, healthy and attractive.

It can be a daunting task to find the best tree service in Chazy, NY with so many different options available. However, knowing how to separate the best from the subpar will help make the process easier. Keep the following tips in mind when hiring a tree service:

  • Be wary after a disaster: Unfortunately, natural disasters can tend to attract a slew of questionable companies. Tree service businesses will go door-to-door after a big storm promising their services. Many of them attempt to take advantage of the situation by demanding extreme prices for simple tasks. Avoid being swindled by asking for proper documentation and steering clear of any companies charging exorbitant rates.
  • Insurance: Insurance is a must-have when hiring a tree service in Chazy, NY. This ensures the business has both workers compensation and liability insurance. Without this, you could be liable if an accident were to occur on your property.
  • Local reputation: High quality work isn’t a guarantee just because a tree service has been in business for years. Ask locally about the reputation of the tree service. Avoid anyone who repeatedly receives negative feedback. Online reviews can also provide insight into others’ opinions of their work.
  • Better Business Bureau accreditation: Check to see if any company you’re considering has received accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. This endorsement is an indicator of reputable service and a clean work history. Avoid any businesses not in good standing with the BBB or that have a poor rating.
  • Moderate pricing: Get estimates from at least three different companies for a better picture of what pricing is normal. Steer clear of any prices that seem either ridiculously high or startlingly cheap.
  • Discuss their services in person: If you have time, sit down with a representative from each tree service provider to get a better sense of their experience, workmanship and expertise. Never hesitate to ask any questions about the process and their services. This simple step will weed out many of the less-than-reputable options.
  • Get a written estimate: Never agree to anything without a written estimate! This should include a breakdown of all services to be provided, labor, required equipment and a projected completion date. An estimated total cost should also be included on this same document.
  • Don’t pay up front: As the customer, you have the right to not pay until you’re completely satisfied with the finished product. A questionable tree service will require all money up front, only to perform shoddy work and never return. Paying after the job is completed guarantees top-of-the-line work.

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