Should I Overseed My Lawn This Spring?

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Seeding is one of the most important steps you can take to keep your lawn looking lush and green all year long. Overseeding the lawn isn’t a task that can be performed whenever is convenient, though. Determining when to seed should be a conscious decision based on the conditions and whether the seeds will have adequate time to mature before cold temperatures hit. Typically, most landscapers actually recommend the early summer through the fall as the best time for overseeding in Chazy, NY. You aren’t necessarily limited to this limited time frame, as it is possible to overseed during the spring as long as some added precautions are taken.

Consider these important aspects first if you are considering overseeding your lawn this spring:

  • No crabgrass preventers: The ever-irritating crabgrass can detract from the overall appearance of an otherwise attractive lawn. As annoying as it is, you can’t apply most standard crabgrass preventers after seeding in the spring. The components found within the solution can prevent the new seeds from properly germinating. You’ll have to wait at least four months after overseeding to apply crabgrass preventer. Consider waiting until the fall for overseeding if crabgrass is an annual problem for your lawn.
  • Aerating first is vital: Broadcasting is one of the best methods to disperse seeds evenly across the entire expanse of a lawn. While this is still true during the spring, you will need to aerate the lawn first before broadcasting to make sure the seeds actually stick. Broadcasting seeds across an already established lawn will result in minimal germination.
  • Avoid broadleaf weed spray: This one is in the same vein as crabgrass preventers. The use of this common weed spray can prevent the seed from germinating enough to thrive. Typically, the wait time before being able to apply the chemical spray after seeding is about three to four weeks. The lawn must be mowed at least two or three times before any spray can be applied to keep it from harming the vulnerable seeds.
  • Water consistently: Water is critical to seeding regardless of the time of year. The roots are tiny after the seed germinates. They need an excess of water to prevent the roots from drying out and the seeds from dying. Water needs to be dispersed across the new seeds immediately after they have been broadcast throughout the entire area. Landscapers recommend using an automatic sprinkler system to achieve the best results. Plan to keep the area sufficiently watered for approximately four to six weeks after the seeding process has been completed.

While seeding in the spring can be done, it requires taking extra precautions to ensure the process is successful. That’s why it’s best to leave spring overseeding in Chazy, NY to the professionals at Rand Hill Lawns Inc. Our team of experienced landscapers will help you determine the best time to overseed your lawn, and will take the appropriate steps to ensure the job is done right. Call us today to learn more or schedule an appointment!

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