Five Reasons to Get Your Trees Pruned This Spring

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Spring is here at last! The snow is melting, the flowers are blooming and the trees are waking up from a long winter’s vacation. As you’ve been admiring all of the new growth, you may have noticed some of the trees are beginning to grow in an unruly shape or appear uneven. Luckily, a quick tree pruning can easily fix this problem.

Typically, a landscaper will recommend having the tree pruned in the winter when the branches are free of any leaves and flowers. That doesn’t mean spring pruning isn’t possible, though. A professional landscaper can help prune the trees so they look great throughout the spring season and the rest of the year. Here are five reasons to have your tree pruned this spring:

  • Improved appearance: Pruning the tree will drastically improve its appearance—especially after a long winter. Some branches can die during the colder months of the year, leaving the tree looking unbalanced and sad after the cold winter. A professional landscaper will remove the dead limbs and any sections growing faster than others. This will help the tree look healthy and full again.
  • Eases sod installation: Are you planning to add new sod this spring? Make sure to prune your trees before sod installation in Clinton County, NY. New sod installed around a sickly tree is more prone to suffering from the same disease. The vulnerable sod will have a more difficult time rooting and will need to be replaced if it becomes infected. During pruning, the landscaper will be able to identify whether the tree is sick before the sod is ever put at risk.
  • Assists with growth: Regular pruning is vital to a strong, beautiful tree. A professional prune can help the roots grow stronger, which means the tree will stay healthy and stand up to inclement weather. Additionally, pruning even helps promote new branch growth.
  • Safety: Falling dead tree branches are a serious safety hazard. The branches could severely injure someone if they were to fall off due to high winds or a thunderstorm. Dead branches are even prone to just falling unexpectedly. Removing them as soon as possible will eliminate this safety risk entirely.
  • Boost fruit production: A fruit-bearing tree can benefit significantly from professional pruning. Removing dead wood will decrease the likelihood of an insect infestation and promote new growth. It can even help boost the amount of fruit produced during the year.

The best option for spring pruning is to have it done before new growth begins. Pruning after too many leaves and buds have begun to sprout can limit potential growth and make the tree more vulnerable to insect infestation if it were to sustain a cut. Make sure the job is done by a professional landscaper if spring pruning is a must. They will examine the tree to determine exactly how much needs to be pruned without causing any damage to new growth.

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