Tips to Help You Choose Your New Landscapers in Clinton County, NY

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Summer is here, and with it comes the big landscaping season. Some people love spending time outside getting their hands dirty, pulling up weeds and planting new flowers and other flora. However, not everyone has the time or interest to keep their gardens and landscapes looking great, so it makes sense for them to hire out some of those tasks, especially repetitive ones such as mowing, pruning, mulching and weeding.

If you’re looking for high-quality landscapers in Clinton County, NY, here are some of the characteristics you should prioritize in your search.

A reputation for high-quality work

It should go without saying that you want to work with people who you know will do a great job. Still, there are many people who do not do their due diligence in researching potential landscapers ahead of time. Go online and find as many reviews, references and testimonials as possible about companies in your area. Ask your friends, family and neighbors who they use for their landscaping services and how satisfied they are with those services. These strategies will help you determine if you can trust a company before you hire it.

Knowledge and experience

If you’re just looking for someone to mow your lawn once a week, you might be comfortable hiring a local high school kid for a low price to get the job done. But if you have more complicated landscaping needs, including a wider variety of plants and flowers and more in-depth plant care tasks, then you should go with a company you know has experience and knowledge in those tasks to keep your landscape looking beautiful. Don’t risk doing significant, irreversible damage to your landscape by hiring a company that doesn’t know what it’s doing when it comes to pruning and planting.

Professional companies are also much more likely to have the resources they need to get the job done effectively and properly, including shears, aerators, mowers, pruners, trailers, etc.

Insurance and licenses

Finally, it’s important to make sure any landscaper you hire has the proper insurance and licenses to protect both of you in the working relationship. If the lawn care company you choose does not have worker’s compensation insurance and an employee gets injured while on the job at your property, you could be liable. The same is true if your property sustains damage from the company’s work or actions. For this reason, it’s imperative that you only hire companies that have workers’ compensation insurance.

In addition, for many states it is mandatory that any person who charges fees for certain landscaping tasks be properly licensed. Even if the task for which you hire the landscaper does not require a license, a company that has all of these licenses in place is one you can feel much better about trusting with your landscaping tasks.

These are just a few examples of what you should look for in your landscapers in Clinton County, NY. Contact Rand Hill Lawns Inc. today for more information. We look forward to working with you!

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