What to Know About Your Yearly Tree Trimming in Chazy, NY

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If you want to keep your trees in the best possible shape all year long, then it’s important you prioritize keeping up with their regular trimmings! When your trees need the most pruning attention and how you can maximize the results of those prunings depends mostly on the climate you’re in and the size and type of the tree.

Regular pruning doesn’t just keep your trees looking great and improve the curb appeal of your home—it also keeps the tree healthy. Taking out dead branches, for example, significantly reduces the likelihood that the tree will be affected by disease or damage during storms. Trimming also helps to limit the growth of the tree, which can be important for your safety depending on where the tree is located.

With all this in mind, here’s some information about tree trimming in Chazy, NY to help you keep the trees on your property looking great 365 days a year.

Year-round trimming practices

In some cases, it doesn’t matter what time of year it is—your tree can benefit from trimming. For example, any time you notice dead tree branches or disease starting to form, you should get rid of those affected branches as soon as possible to prevent the problem from worsening. If you do believe disease is the underlying factor for the dead branches, you should contact a tree care professional as soon as possible, as they will have the training and knowledge needed to address the issue.

You can also shape your trees or hedges at any time of year without issue, and cut small branches to tidy up your tree. Keep in mind that you should avoid trying to cut branches that are any bigger than branches you can cut with handheld shears.

Dormant cutting

The winter is one of the most popular times of year for pruning trees because they have shed their leaves, meaning it’ll be easier to maneuver through the branches and the canopy to cut out the branches you want to eliminate. In addition, there is less disease and infestation to deal with while the trees are dormant, and any wounds the tree sustains while dormant will heal faster than while they’re active. Dormant tree trimming also helps with growing new buds, which makes the tree even more beautiful come spring.

Wait until the coldest part of winter is over before performing dormant cutting.

Cutting a tree for dwarfing

If you’re simply trying to keep your tree small, you should do it in summer after it’s fully bloomed. This will reduce the overall surface area of leaves on the tree, which will force the tree to manufacture less food and grow less.

Avoid fall trimmings

The one time of year you should never trim a tree is in the fall. Trimming the tree stimulates growth, so if you cut it right before the weather gets bad and the tree is about to become dormant, you could actually weaken the tree. So hold off and wait until right after the coldest part of winter has subsided.

For more information about tree trimming in Chazy, NY, contact Rand Hill Lawns Inc. today.

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