Tips for Planting During the Summer

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Most gardeners know that the best time of year for shrub planting in Chazy, NY is in the spring or fall, when the weather is cooler out. Not only is it more comfortable for you to be outside in the garden during these times, but the cooler temperatures also give your newly planted shrubs a better chance to survive. That being said, you don’t have to wait until fall to plant your shrubs or trees. As long as your shrubs have spent the last few months in a pot, you can go ahead and plant them outside now—just be sure to follow the advice below:

  • Find the right spot: Before you get out there and start digging a hole, you’ve got to find the right spot in your garden or lawn for your new shrub. Does your plant like a lot of sunlight, or does it prefer to be in the shade? Will it grow large and overtake the flowers and shrubs around it? These are just a few things to consider. One advantage of planting during the summer is that all of the surrounding plants and flowers are in full bloom, so you’ll already have an idea of what your garden will look like with the new shrub added.
  • Strip grass: If you’re planting your shrub outside of the garden, you’ll want to remove all of the turf that’s within a 20-inch radius of where the shrub will be planted. Grass is nice, but it’ll suck up some of the vital nutrients that your new plant will need in its first few months in the ground.
  • Remove weeds: Weeds are your new shrub’s number one enemy. Just like grass, weeds will absorb your shrub’s nutrients and drastically increase the chance that your shrub doesn’t make it through the summer. Weeding isn’t fun, and nobody really enjoys doing it, but it’s necessary if you want a lush garden and yard.
  • Don’t dig too deep: Now, it’s finally time to dig! The biggest thing to keep in mind is how deep you actually go. It’s crucial that you dig just as deep as the container that your plant is currently in. Your shrub won’t be able to take root if the hole is too big, which means it’ll probably die before the season is over.
  • Plant at the right time of day: Now that your hole is dug (and isn’t too deep), you can finally put your plant in the ground. Experts say you should avoid planting your new shrub during the middle of the day, when the temperatures are highest. This won’t just be more comfortable for you—it gives your shrub a better chance of survival.
  • Lay down compost: Before you head inside and call it a day, make sure you lay two to three inches of organic compost around the base of the shrub. Old leaves, coffee grounds and bark dust will protect the roots from the summer heat and give your plant some extra nutrients.

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