The Best Time to Mulch for Healthy Landscaping in Clinton County, NY

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Mulch is a fantastic material that can promote the health and growth of all kinds of plants and trees in your yard. However, even if you know how beneficial mulch is, you might not know how to use it effectively. The truth is that dealing with mulch can be a little bit trickier than you might realize. Thankfully, by following a few key guidelines when it comes to mulch application and getting help with landscaping in Clinton County, NY, you can keep your lawn and garden looking incredible this fall.

Benefits of mulch

There are several great benefits of applying mulch to your trees and plants. Mulch acts as a protective layer that keeps your plants’ roots healthy and growing strong while blocking out sunlight and preventing weed growth around your plants. It can prevent sun damage on hot summer days and insulate roots from freezing temperatures in the winter. Mulch also helps keep moisture in your soil so that you don’t have to water as much. As mulch deteriorates and breaks down, it decomposes and returns to the soil as an enriching fertilizer. As an added bonus, mulch looks great and can keep your property looking polished.

Applying mulch properly

To get the best results from your mulch, you should make sure to select a product that’s ideal for your particular plants. You can do some research online for different mulch options or consult a professional who specializes in landscaping in Clinton County, NY. Hardwood bark mulch with dark brown dye is a good option since it will maintain its color for a longer period of time. Once you’ve selected the right mulch for your plants, you can prepare for the application. Clear out your garden beds and pull weeds around your plants to ensure that you have a clean slate for mulch application.

After clearing the way for your mulch, you can begin applying it. Start by piling up mulch so that it forms a ring around the base of your plant. You should make sure that your mulch isn’t in direct contact with the base or trunk of your tree or plant, since this can promote fungal growth. Once you’ve made a pile around your plant, spread your mulch outward using a rake to form a circle of mulch that’s a couple of inches thick. Applying your mulch in this way promotes root health and optimal growth for your plants and trees.

Get help with landscaping in Clinton County, NY

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