Tips for Choosing the Right Landscapers in Chazy, NY

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Are you a homeowner who cares about what their lawn and garden look like? If so, you may have already considered hiring landscapers in Chazy, NY to ensure your lawn is happy and healthy. A professional landscaper doesn’t just help your yard flourish—he also takes a heavy burden off your back when it comes time to do challenging yard work.

The serious question, though, is which company you should choose to be your landscaper. There are tons of companies in the area that all seem knowledgeable and up for the task. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case, and you could end up getting burned by someone who’s inexperienced, or who overcharges for their services. Continue reading to find out how to get the best landscaper for the job.

Services offered

First and foremost, you’ll want to find a landscaper that offers the services that you need! There’s no point in trying to hire someone to lay mulch in your garden if that’s not one of the things the landscaper does. Rand Hill Lawns, Inc. is a full-service landscaper and hardscaper for both residential and commercial properties. Whether you need your land excavated or just a few trees planted, we can be your go-to landscaper!


A company’s reputation means a lot in the landscaping industry. Is the landscaper known for skimping on the work and not finishing the job? Is the company known for overcharging or showing up late? If you hear anything bad about the landscaper, your best bet is to avoid hiring them. The internet is a great resource for finding information about landscapers if you’re unfamiliar with any in your area. Read some reviews and only choose to work with a landscaper that generally has positive ratings.

Knowledge and experience

Chances are, you’d prefer to go to a doctor with years of experience over someone who’s fresh out of medical school, right? The same should be true for your chosen landscaper! Though the stakes aren’t as high, you still want to work with a professional who knows exactly what they’re doing when they’re working on your yard. We’ve been in business since 1986, and our team of pros has over 30 years of landscaping experience. You can be confident in the knowledge and expertise that we bring to the table.


Last, but certainly not least, how much does the landscaper charge for specific services? Your yard is important to you, but you can’t afford to spend an arm and a leg for someone to care for it. Call around to a few different landscapers to get estimates before you hire someone. You’d hate to overpay for landscaping, so be knowledgeable about how much services should cost.

Look no further than Rand Hill Lawns, Inc. to be your next landscapers. Our wide array of services and excellent prices make us one of the top landscapers in Chazy, NY. Give us a call today to get an estimate, or to learn more about all of our services!

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