Advice from Landscapers in Clinton County, NY About the Best Trees for Paved Areas

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If you own a commercial property with large areas of pavement, like parking lots, you might be considering planting a few trees to improve the appearance of your property and provide some shade. Unfortunately, there are a number of challenging conditions in parking lots that make it difficult for trees to grow. The good news is that it’s possible to plant trees that will thrive in your parking lot or paved area. Simply take some time to consider the factors that come into play and which trees are best suited for paved environments.

Why you should plant trees

Trees offer a number of benefits when planted in paved areas. For one thing, trees add significant aesthetic appeal. If you own a business and your customers visit you in person, the added beauty of trees in your parking lot will leave them with a much better impression of your business. Planting in your paved areas can also prevent soil erosion and reduce storm water drainage issues. The best trees for parking lots must be resistant to heat, drought and soil compaction. It’s also best to avoid fruit trees, as fruit is likely to fall during the summer and rot on your pavement. Here are some suggestions from landscapers in Clinton County, NY of what to plant:

  • Crape myrtle: Crepe myrtle is a beautiful flowering tree with gorgeous flower clusters that range in color from red and pink to lavender and white. Since these trees thrive in warmer environments, they often do well in parking lots, where the sun’s heat reflects off the pavement. After the tree has had time to establish itself in soil, it can withstand a number of harsh circumstances, including drought conditions.
  • Elm: Elm trees are another great option in paved areas. These trees have been bred to be durable and resistant to insects and disease, making them easier to maintain and more likely to thrive in parking lots. There are many different kinds of elm trees that you can choose from, depending on where you are planting and what your preferences are.
  • Red maple: Red maples are deciduous trees that are common throughout many different parts of North America. They’re very adaptable to different soil types and are rugged trees that can withstand drought conditions. In the fall, the leaves of red maples turn a gorgeous red, adding to their aesthetic appeal in paved areas.
  • Littleleaf linden: A littleleaf linden has dense foliage that looks vibrant and lush. It’s ideal in parking lots and paved areas since it can tolerate poor air quality, compacted soil and drainage issues.

Contact landscapers in Clinton County, NY

At Rand Hill Lawns, Inc., we know that landscaping in paved areas can be tricky, and that’s why we are here to provide you with professional assistance. Our team of trained and experienced landscapers in Clinton County, NY can provide you with a wide range of landscaping and hardscaping services for your commercial or residential property. Regardless of your vision for your property, we are here to help turn it into a reality. Contact us today to get started.

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