How to Determine the Best Fall Seasonal Color Options for Your Landscaping in Chazy, NY

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Fall offers an abundance of color options for your outdoor setting. How can you choose the best selections to create a beautiful oasis? Your experts in landscaping in Chazy, NY are here to help.

Following are a few tips from the pros to provide insight into this selection process. We ask (and answer) key questions to determine the best fall seasonal color options for your landscaping in Clinton County, NY.

Why bother with fall color?

Summer has faded and winter is just around the corner. Is it worth the effort to add fall colors to your landscaping in Chazy, NY? Definitely. Fall blooms will make your property look great even after the summer flowers have disappeared. New Yorkers can enjoy the outdoors well into November, so there is a lot of time to take in cheerful landscapes this season. Plus, you can plant flowers that offer blooms both now and in the spring.

What are the needs of your location?

When you invest in fall landscaping in Chazy, NY, you should consider where your efforts will have the most impact. Do you have outdoor seating areas? Could your walkway use some color? Perhaps your front door or entrance sign would benefit from a few fall blooms. Look for areas that need a little extra color or appeal.

What colors should you choose?

Start with the color of your building. Choose something that offers a nice contrast. Don’t put white flowers in front of a white wall. Consider your logo and branding, too, and incorporate these colors into your selection.

What are some popular fall plants?

Mums are great for adding bursts of color. Cabbage and kale can add texture to your landscaping in Clinton County, NY. Ivy and evergreens provide green foliage to create great backdrops and fillers. Violas, panolas and pansies are all fall staples that are available in a full range of colors.

What is your budget?

Consider your budget as you plan your fall planting. Focus on high-visibility areas where you will get the best impact and ROI. Limit the areas where you plant rather than the quality and size of the plants you choose. Invest in larger blooms, since the fall season offers shorter time to grow than summer.

What is your water source?

Don’t forget to make a plan for watering your fall landscaping in Clinton County, NY. Do you have an irrigation system? Do you have a watering service? Fall rains can help, but freshly planted flowers, bushes and trees need extra attention. You don’t want to invest in plants that quickly die due to a lack of water.

Make the Most of Fall

To choose the best blooms for your fall landscaping in Chazy, NY, partner with the pros at Rand Hill Lawns, Inc. We are your go-to lawn care consultants. Our family owned and operated business has served the community since 1986, and our team will not stop working until we get the job done for you. Contact us today to create a beautiful fall landscape for your outdoor surroundings.

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