Signs You Need to Prune Your Trees

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If you have trees on your property, it’s important you know how to take care of them so you can keep them in good health long into the future. Good tree care includes regular pruning—leaving trees unpruned can result in them becoming unsafe or hazardous for you, your family, your guests and your property.

Unsure how to determine whether you need to prune your trees? Here is some information from our team of landscapers in Clinton County, NY about some of the tell-tale signs indicating you’re in need of a good pruning:

  • You have some broken branches on the tree: The first sign you need to prune your tree is if you have broken branches hanging from its limbs. Branches that are splintering, broken or even bowing (to the point where breakage is a possibility) could indicate you need to prune the tree as soon as possible. Broken branches are much weaker and more likely to fall off. You should especially check for this issue if you’ve had a bad storm roll through your area.
  • The tree is misshapen: Just because the way your tree is growing is attractive does not mean it’s actually healthy for the tree. A tree that grows in the wrong way requires some extra attention from professional pruners, even if it looks to the average bystander like it’s healthy and attractive. You must make sure the weight distribution on the branches is even, and that any new growth that occurs is appropriately managed.
  • Branches hanging over or touching power lines: Any time you’ve got branches that are precariously dangling over power lines or even beginning to touch them, it’s important that you correct the issue as soon as possible. Not only could a falling branch result in an outage, but it could also cause a significant safety hazard for bystanders in terms of electrocution or fire.
  • Too much growth too quickly: While you obviously want your tree to grow, there is such a thing as too much growth. Very fast, uncontrolled growth should be kept in check with regular pruning so the tree is able to live within itself and avoid becoming too large or heavy for its trunk to handle. Note that this is an especially important issue for younger trees.
  • Storm-damaged trees: After a significant storm, be sure to go out and perform an inspection of any trees on your property. Storms are the cause of most splintering and broken limbs, and if you fail to properly deal with the issue quickly enough, it could result in the death of the tree.
  • Bark problems: If you notice the tree starting to have cracks forming in its bark or branches, this could be a sign of pests or disease. Quick pruning can help you save the tree’s life.
  • Dense trees: A tree that is overly dense may have become overgrown, so pruning it to remove some of that density can be a good idea for its long-term health.

For more information about pruning your trees, contact a landscaper in Clinton County, NY at Rand Hill Lawns, Inc. today.

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