Top Reasons for Spring Sod Installation in Clinton County, NY

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What comes to mind when you think of spring? Do you have cleaning projects on your calendar? Are you choosing blooms and vegetables to plant in your garden? Spring is the perfect time for many tasks. Did you know one of them is sod installation in Clinton County, NY?

Spring is ideal for sod installation for many reasons. Here are a few to consider. For assistance with this task, contact your local experts who specialize in sod installation in Clinton County, NY:

  • Ideal weather: It’s best to lay sod on a day that offers some cloud cover and cooler temperatures. When can you find a day like this? Spring offers many days that fit this description. The lack of harsh sun and hot temperatures minimizes the stress on the plants and increases the likelihood that the sod will thrive after planting.
  • Ideal season: The heat of summer is typically too harsh for sod installation in Clinton County, NY. With its milder weather and frequent rain showers, spring offers great conditions for initial sod installation and ongoing growth. The cool temperatures combined with rainfall enable the sod to take root and establish a healthy foundation.
  • Ideal moisture: April showers bring May flowers, right? These showers also bring healthy sod establishment. It’s essential to keep sod moist at all times. It can dry out quickly and die. Since sod can be a significant investment, it’s best to install it during a season that provides plenty of moisture to prevent loss. That season is spring.
  • Ideal timing: Did you know that you should keep off the lawn for three weeks after sod installation in Clinton County, NY? This can be difficult to do during the summer and fall, when children and pets are frequently outside. Why not get your sod installed in spring, before the better weather hits and everyone wants to play on the lawn?
  • Ideal scheduling: While spring may be a time for many home improvement tasks, it’s likely still the best time to schedule your sod installation in Clinton County, NY. Summertime is filled with vacations, camps, sports, trips to the beach and more. Fall is filled with back-to-school activities. Before things get hectic for the year, complete this important spring project. Get your sod installation in Clinton County, NY out of the way so your schedule is clear for everything else you want to do this year.
  • Ideal enjoyment: There is another advantage to spring sod installation in Clinton County, NY that you may have overlooked. If you can get your sod installed early in the season, you’ll have more time to enjoy it. Your lawn can look great for the entire spring, summer and fall!

Ready to Sod?

Are you ready to take advantage of spring sod installation in Clinton County, NY? Contact the lawn care experts at Rand Hill Lawns, Inc. Our family owned and operated business has been serving the community since 1986. We offer a full range of lawn services to meet all your needs. Reach out to our friendly team today with any questions or to get started on your next project.

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