Protect Yourself from These Common Scams by Landscapers in Clinton County, NY

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Are you searching for landscapers in Clinton County, NY to handle your property maintenance this season? While many companies offer top-quality landscaping services, it’s important to be aware that there are also unscrupulous companies out there.

Unfortunately, these untrustworthy individuals may attempt to scam you. There are several common tactics used for these scams. Watch for the following red flags that indicate landscapers in Clinton County, NY are trying to pull one over on you.

“Look at that lawn! You’d better act fast!”

Pressure tactics are never a good sign. If a landscaper in Clinton County, NY is pressuring you to act fast, they may be trying to scam you. They may point out the condition of your lawn and even suggest unnecessary improvements. Their goal is to frighten you or make you insecure so that you agree to whatever they suggest. They may also pressure you to act now by suggesting that their prices may be going up soon, “so you’d better act fast to save money!”

“I can’t share previous client info.”

Any reputable landscaper in Clinton County, NY should be able to provide references. It’s extremely risky to hire someone without a recommendation. If you ask the company for a reference, and they come up with excuses to not provide one, take your business elsewhere. It’s likely they don’t have a reference because they scam all their customers.

“Sorry, we’re just getting started.”

If you ask for identification, paperwork, proof of insurance or any other documentation that a legitimate company should have, and the landscaper in Clinton County, NY can’t provide it, this is a red flag. It’s true that new, honest companies might still be getting all their ducks in a row, but they should not be doing business until they are truly ready. If a company says they are still in the process of getting things in order, then tell them you’ll have to wait until they can prove their authenticity or find someone else for the job.

“I’ll need that payment now. Let’s just shake on it.”

Never skip the paperwork. A warning sign of a scam in process is the avoidance of putting anything in writing. The dishonest landscaper in Clinton County, NY may demand full payment up front, and they may offer a discount if you’re willing to skip the paperwork. They may come up with an excuse not to provide a receipt. All of these are red flags. Legitimate companies put everything in writing, ask for a reasonable amount up front and always provide a valid receipt.

Avoid Scams

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