Important Reasons to Have Your Trees Trimmed Each Spring

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You don’t have to be an arborist to know that your trees need to be trimmed on occasion. But do you know why you should schedule tree trimming in Chazy, NY each spring? If not, then keep reading! This post will cover some of what you need to know about the advantages of having your trees trimmed and inspected this spring:

  • Get rid of dead branches: The main reason to call a pro for tree trimming in the spring is to get rid of those nasty branches that died over the winter. Dead limbs (as well as those that are currently dying) are weak, which means that they’re liable to break off during a strong spring storm. We shouldn’t have to tell you that’s a problem for your home and any cars that are parked on your property!
  • Keep up appearance: You might think those towering trees that have long and gnarly branches look nice—and maybe they do, in some sense. We’re here to tell you, though, that that’s not entirely the case! The best-looking trees are the ones that are nicely pruned and structured. Additionally, the gnarly branches will get weaker and weaker over time, eventually succumbing to disease or decay.
  • Promote growth: In addition to reducing the risk of the branches rotting away, regular trimming helps your trees grow up to be healthy, tall and strong. Trimming allows for more sun exposure and air circulation, which obviously allows your trees to grow better than they would otherwise. Just be careful to watch out for sunscald, which occurs when trees get too much sun.
  • Improve fruit health: Trimming your fruit-bearing trees now can actually improve the size, health and quantity of the fruit. This is due to the fact that the center of the tree will get more sunlight when the branches are pruned back. Pruning for fruit trees should be performed in the late winter or early spring for optimal results.
  • Train your trees: Since they’re vulnerable to pretty much everything, newly-planted trees are often the ones that need the most help when it comes to pruning. Trimming the branches when they’re young helps compensate for root loss and begins a “training regimen” for the tree. If the branches are shaped when they’re young, they’re more likely to grow straight instead of crooked, as you see with many unpruned trees.
  • Enhance your view: Last, but certainly not least, trimming really enhances your view! If you can’t see out of your windows because your tree branches are too long or there are too many leaves, it’s time to schedule an appointment to have them trimmed. Though your trees might look a bit barren to you at first, we promise you’ll be happy with the results over the long term.

Whether you need a towering maple tree cut back or some simple pruning for a newly-planted tree, be sure to choose Rand Hill Lawns, Inc. as your go-to service! Call us today to find out why we’re the trusted team for tree trimming in Chazy, NY.

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