Landscaping Tips in Chazy, NY to Get You Ready for Fall Planting

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Most people think of spring as the best time of year to plant vegetables, flowers and trees, but fall can also be a great time for planting. If you’re preparing to do some planting this fall, it’s important to take some steps to prepare your yard so you can get the best results possible. The good news is that you can keep your yard ready for fall planting by following some simple advice. Read on for several landscaping tips in Chazy, NY that you can use to get your yard ready for fall:

  • Aerate your lawn: Lawn aeration is an important task that’s necessary to keep your grass growing strong and maintain the health of your soil. Heavy precipitation, foot traffic and even the use of lawn mowers can compact your grass and soil, preventing grass roots from growing properly and inhibiting effective drainage. Aerating your lawn allows you to restore the health of your soil and promote strong grass growth.
  • Fertilize and plant grass: To keep your lawn looking green and vibrant, it’s a good idea to fertilize your grass and plant grass seeds as necessary to fill in patchy lawns. For the best results, you should fertilize your lawn early in the fall, and again in the winter after the first frost. After spreading grass seeds on your lawn, make sure you water the area daily until the grass is established in your soil.
  • Care for small trees and shrubs: If you’ve recently planted some new trees or shrubs, it’s important to put some extra attention into their care and maintenance. Young trees and shrubs should be protected from adverse weather conditions with burlap coverings or plywood shelters. Protecting your trees and shrubs during their first few winters will give them the opportunity to establish strong roots and become more resilient in the face of all kinds of weather conditions.
  • Prune trees: One of the most important landscaping tips in Chazy, NY that you should follow is keeping your trees pruned. This is important for the aesthetic appeal, health and safety of your trees. By pruning your trees, you can promote healthy growth and reduce the risk of branches falling in the autumn and winter. Regardless of the size of your tree, it’s important to keep it pruned regularly to shape healthy growth and minimize the risk of debris and falling limbs.

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