Top Landscaping Services to Have This Fall

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If you thought landscaping and planting shrubs in Chazy, NY was just a spring and summer activity, think again. Landscaping is a year-round industry, especially in the fall when we have to prepare your property for the harsh winter. This post will cover a few of the many services that we provide our customers each autumn:

  • Add some color: Many of your beautiful summer flowers are unfortunately going to go dormant in the coming weeks. Instead of letting your yard turn dull and ugly, replace those summer flowers with some colorful annuals or perennials. Vibrant red, orange and yellow flowers can really make your yard pop before winter sets in. If you don’t feel like planting in your yard, consider getting some potted flowers for your porch.
  • Plant spring bulbs: Are you more interested in preparing for spring plants and flowers than planting autumn ones now? That’s okay! Now is a great time for planting shrubs in Chazy, NY. We can plant a variety of different flowers and shrubs that’ll bloom in the spring when the weather starts to warm back up.
  • Aeration: Your lawn is about to go through some serious shock when the temperatures drop. Make sure it gets as much air, water and nutrients as it needs by having it aerated now. Though you can aerate your lawn by yourself, we recommend hiring our professionals to handle the job.
  • Irrigation winterization: Installing an irrigation system is a fantastic way to save time watering while ensuring that your lawn looks great throughout the spring and summer. However, unless you live in a warmer climate, you can’t let your watering system sit throughout the winter without a little preparation. Hire a professional to blow the remaining water out of the system and winterize the components to prevent permanent damage.
  • Mulching: We bundle up with coats, hats and scarves to keep warm during winter. Unfortunately, our shrubs and trees don’t have that same luxury! The best way to keep all of your trees and shrubs nice and toasty throughout the winter is by laying a thick layer of mulch around the base of the plant. Doing so will ensure your plants come back nice and healthy in the spring.
  • Trimming: Soon enough, snow will start to fall and accumulate on your trees’ branches. It might look pretty, but all of that heavy snow and ice is a hazard! Trim long branches now to ensure they don’t snap during a winter storm and damage your home or vehicles.
  • Lawn cleanup: Autumn has arrived, and that means one thing: deciduous trees will soon lose their leaves. Though it’s a pain, you have to rake up all of those leaves to prevent damage to your grass. If you don’t want to waste your time and energy raking, hire the pros to do the job.

Whether you need help with mulching, planting shrubs in Chazy, NY or anything in between, Rand Hill Lawns, Inc. is the team for the job. We offer year-round services for both homes and businesses. Drop us a line today to get your free estimate!

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