Pros and Cons of DIY Snow Removal

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When several inches of flakes are in the forecast, you might wonder if you should try to clear a path yourself or hire a professional. Should you rely on the best snow removal companies in Chazy, NY, or make this a DIY project?

As you weigh your options, consider the following factors. Before you decide to go the DIY route, ask yourself these key questions.

Do I have the right equipment?

The best snow removal companies in Chazy, NY have more than a snow shovel on hand. Do you? If you need to clear a long driveway or a commercial parking lot, you’ll need a truck and plow. What if this equipment fails? Do you have a backup? Unless you are willing to make a significant investment in equipment, you may want to leave this job to the pros.

Am I prepared for more than snow?

When Old Man Winter dumps on the roadways and walkways, he often brings more than snowflakes. Ice is a concern. Do you have the knowledge, skills and equipment for managing ice and mitigating risks on your property? You’ll need a system to handle this, or you can contact the best snow removal companies in Chazy, NY to handle it for you.

What’s my schedule like in winter?

Snowfall doesn’t operate on anyone’s work or sleep schedule. Will you be available to remove snow when necessary? This could involve very early mornings and require investing a big portion of your day in plowing, so be sure you have the time to devote to this task.

Do I want to risk the liability?

If you’re taking care of snow removal at a commercial property, it’s important to document your efforts toward snow and ice mitigation for the driveways and walkways. You may need to prove that you took the proper precautions to prevent injury and accidents if an incident occurs on your property. You might not mind this extra work, or you may want to turn this documentation over to a company that will be responsible for clearing your snow.

Do I have enough on my plate?

Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner, you probably have enough to worry about in your day-to-day life. Why add a pile of snow on top of that? If you’d rather focus on other things, such as growing your business or keeping up with other home maintenance items, you may want to consider handing the snow shovel over to one of the best snow removal companies in Chazy, NY.

Let us do the heavy lifting

Family owned and operated, Rand Hill Lawns, Inc. has been serving the community since 1986. We are your go-to source for professional snow removal in the winter and expert landscaping services year-round. We will not stop working until we get the job done for you. Our team is happy to take your snow removal off your hands and put it into ours. Call Rand Hill Lawns, Inc. today for a free estimate—before the next big storm snows you in!

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