Top Six Benefits of Trimming Your Trees in Winter

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Each season is a cue to perform various types of property maintenance. When it comes to winter tasks, the suggestion of performing tree maintenance may come as a surprise, but let’s ask tree trimmers in Chazy, NY for a list of the top benefits of trimming your trees in winter:

  • Branches are more visible: There are pros and cons to waiting until winter to trim your trees. The main downside is having to go outside in the cold to do yard work. On the upside, tree branches become much more visible in winter after all the leaves fall off. Without all that foliage hanging around, you can better see the shape and structure of the tree. Limbs that are dead or diseased are easier to identify and remove.
  • Trees are dormant: Although trees can be trimmed any time of the year, winter is ideal because it’s the season when they fall into their dormant state. This means all growth activity stops, allowing trees to rest for a while. Dormancy is the time when there’s less competition for nutrients and water—branches won’t grow back quickly, preventing the need to trim them again before spring.
  • Makes your property safer: Trimming dead branches and overgrowth makes your property safer, especially in winter when snow and ice are likely to accumulate after storms. It’s important to remove dead tree branches near driveways, sidewalks, homes and other structures before they become safety hazards. If branches are frozen, wait until they thaw before cutting. Hitting branches to remove ice can cause breakage, while attempting to cut into frozen branches can lead to tree crush injuries.
  • Trees are better protected from disease: Here’s an interesting fact from tree trimmers in Chazy, NY—the cold winter weather actually protects trees from insects, fungi and bacteria after trimming. A cut to a tree branch is the equivalent of a cut to your skin, meaning any opening you make in the branches leaves it vulnerable to infections. In the warmer months, pests and microbes can use these openings to gain entry into the tree and cause the development of disease. However, like trees, many pests are also dormant in winter, making winter a safer time to trim trees.
  • Gets trees ready for spring growth: Trimming tree branches in winter stimulates increased growth in the spring. Tree care professionals highly recommend getting rid of dead, dying, damaged, diseased and misshapen branches to prevent water and nutrients from going to these unhealthy areas. Instead, all the good stuff will go to the healthy branches. Come spring, the trees that were trimmed in winter are able to grow well and produce more fruit for harvesting.
  • Keeps you active: A less talked-about benefit of winter tree trimming is exercise. Because it’s cold in winter, chances are you aren’t going for daily runs or bike rides like in spring and summer. This type of yard work will help keep you just a little bit more active and warmer on cold winter days.

If you are in need of tree trimming services this winter, contact a team of tree trimmers in Chazy, NY you can trust. Call Rand Hill Lawns, Inc. today!

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