Tips for Readying Your Yard for Winter

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You remembered to shut off the water to the exterior faucet. You serviced your furnace. You secured all the windows. But have you taken your winter preparations outdoors? Did you ready your yard for the winter season? If you haven’t, follow these tips from your landscaping contractors in Chazy, NY to get your lawn in good shape to face the harsh winter months.

Don’t call it quits too soon

As the leaves start to turn and your grass growth slows, you might be tempted to store away the lawnmower and sprinkler for the season. The day to pack it in will come eventually, but not until winter. In the fall, continue to mow and water your lawn so it remains healthy for the full season and will come back lush and green next spring.

Spruce it up

Look for any areas of your lawn that need attention. Don’t put off this maintenance until spring. Fill bald patches, kill weeds and fertilize. This will help your lawn weather the winter and grow back even better next year.

Protect your perennials

If your landscaping includes any perennials, protect them from the harsh winter by pruning them before extreme temperatures hit. Add mulch to provide insulation for root systems. Just before winter is also a good time to transplant any perennials you’d like to move, so they can put down solid roots over the winter and bloom in the spring.

Get the dead out

Any annuals are done for good. Don’t leave them lying around until spring. Your winter landscape will look more attractive without their wilted presence. Plus, you’ll have plenty to do in your yard in spring, so you’ll be glad this cleanup is already complete.

Rake, and rake some more

If your property includes several trees, it might feel like this chore is never ending. However, it’s important to remove the last of the fallen leaves before winter. A pile of leaves left on the lawn can suffocate the grass below. It can also provide a breeding ground for fungal infections. Keep up with leaf maintenance throughout the fall, and make sure the last of the leaves are gone as winter arrives. If you find it hard to keep up with this task (or simply don’t enjoy it), see if there are any kids in your neighborhood who are available to take this off your plate.

Shield your summer plants

If you have potted plants, insulate them from the cold. Protect their roots while the blooms are dormant for the season. Move the pots to the shadiest part of your property and set them on dirt rather than pavement. This will protect the plants from extreme temperature swings when sunny days are followed by frigid nights.

Get more tips

If you have questions about winter lawn prep or any other landscaping issues, Rand Hill Lawns, Inc. has answers. We have been the region’s go to source for lawn care since 1986. Whether you need landscaping, snow removal, excavating, paving, tree removal, stump removal or fertilizer, this expert landscaping contractor in Chazy, NY has you covered. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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