DIY Lawn Care vs. Hiring an Expert: The Pros and Cons

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Some people are all about DIY lawn care, while others tend to gravitate toward hiring a professional lawn care service. Here’s what you need to know to make the right decision for you and enjoy all the desired landscaping benefits in Chazy, NY.

Do-it-yourself lawn care

Many homeowners and commercial property owners wonder if they should do their own lawn care—especially if they lack gardening experience.

Right off the bat, you can save money and get a good workout doing your own yard work. You also get bragging rights:

  • Save money: Like many other home projects, if you set a budget for DIY lawn care, you may end up saving money. However, you should keep track of the money you spend over time to avoid spending more than it would cost to hire a pro.
  • Get a workout: Gardening and doing yard work is a great form of exercise. In fact, this is one of the top reasons why some homeowners do their own lawn work.
  • DIY pride: You can take pride in taking care of your lawn and garden—just as long as the results are what you expected.

There are also some downsides to DIY yard work, such as not getting the results you want, extra costs and the time it takes to do a task:

  • Just-okay results: You might not get the results you envisioned for your landscaping. It might be close, but not your dream, because you don’t have the tools and skills of a trained professional. In this case, you are more likely to be embarrassed by the outcome than proud.
  • Extra costs: Novice gardeners don’t have the trained eye to catch hidden costs associated with DIY lawn care, such as paying to replace plants destroyed by the trial-and-error method.
  • Time consuming: From waiting for the right weather conditions to making multiple trips to the garden center to spending time cleanup, the DIY approach can take up full days or weekends.

Professional lawn care

Before landing on the decision to hire a professional for lawn care, consider the pros and cons.

Hiring a professional for landscaping in Chazy, NY has its benefits:

  • Fantastic results: Landscape design experts are in the business of creating beautiful yards. And not only will you get better results, you might also receive a guarantee on the work.
  • Convenience: Landscaping the right way takes a lot of time, skill and elbow grease. When you hire a pro, you get to sit back, relax and watch.
  • Safety: Professional landscapers work with materials and tools that are not usually available to the public. These products tend to be more effective and safer than standard home gardening equipment.

There are, however, a couple downsides to hiring a professional:

  • Costs more: Professional lawn care service can be pricy, but it’s nothing compared to paying for DIY mistakes.
  • Choosing poorly: Hiring the wrong lawn care professional is a definite con. Make sure to ask questions and compare pricing, services and experience before making a choice.

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