Signs Your Lawn Didn’t Survive the Harsh Winter

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Winter weather can take quite a toll on our grasses, trees and plants. Unfortunately, particularly cold winters with a lot of snow and ice can kill our grass completely. This post will teach you some of the signs that your lawn is dead—and how professional yard cleaning in Chazy, NY can bring it back to life:

  • It’s discolored: Once the snow melts, we all expect to see brown, dormant grass in the front yard. Though it’s not particularly attractive, it’s better than any alternative colors: red, pink, white or black. A lawn displaying any of these colors developed some kind of fungus over the winter and will need to be professionally treated.
  • It doesn’t grow with water: Unlike other plants in your yard, all grass really needs to grow is some sunshine and water. If your lawn doesn’t start to perk up with some water this spring, it has most likely died over the winter months.
  • It feels spongy: The above-ground portion of grass is the only part that should ever go dormant. Even in the coldest of winters, the root system below the ground should stay healthy. If your grass feels spongy instead of crunchy when you walk on it, there’s a good chance that pests have infiltrated your root system and killed the grass.
  • It wilts in the sun: Speaking of sunshine, your lawn shouldn’t start wilting on sunny days. If your lawn looks sad and unhealthy on bright spring days, it may have an infestation from chinch bugs or other pests. Talk to your lawn care specialist about the cause of the wilting and what can be done to correct it.

My lawn died. Now what?

Just because your grass is dead doesn’t mean you can just give up on your lawn. Follow these tips to bring it back to life:

  • Rake up the old: The first step in correcting a dead lawn is to rake up all the old grass. Since this can be a time-consuming task, we recommend hiring our team for professional yard cleaning in Chazy, NY. We’ll rake up all of your dead grass in no time so that you can get started with a new lawn.
  • Lay down the new: Once everything is raked up, it’s time to lay down some new grass seed. Since your old lawn didn’t survive, it may be a good idea to choose a new type of grass.
  • Consult a professional: Our advice is to always talk to a professional before planting a new lawn. On top of recommending the right grass to use, we can get you started with lawn treatments that remove pests and help ensure proper growth.

Whether or not your lawn survived the winter, be sure to call the team at Rand Hill Lawns, Inc. for professional yard cleaning in Chazy, NY this spring. Our professionals will ensure your lawn is back and looking its best for the warmer months. Get in touch with us today to set up an appointment or to learn more about how our services can help you.

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