Your Complete Landscaping Checklist for March

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Spring is here! It’s time to prep your yard for new plants and vegetable gardens, a fresh landscape design and other outdoor projects. If you’re a Chazy, NY property owner looking for a March landscaping checklist, read on—here’s a list of the most important items and tasks to focus on in early spring:

  • Start certain crops: The month of March is a good time to order and start certain seeds. Order seed potatoes early in the month to get them started inside before planting. Leave in a cool, bright room. Plant later in March and cover beds to prevent damage from frost. Onions thrive in sunny, hot, well-drained locations, but wait until the second half of the month to plant, and make sure to add new nutrient-rich growing soil to the existing soil. Be aware of birds early on, as they love pulling young shoots.
  • Sow seeds: Once the temperature outside warms up and there’s no longer frost in the forecast, it’s safe to sow seeds directly in the ground (think peas and string beans). Make sure the ground is warm all the way down before planting salad greens and herbs.
  • Prune plants: While the cooler months of fall and late winter are ideal for tree pruning, the spring March weather is the best time to prune plants like late-flowering shrubs, wisteria, climbing flowering vines and summer-flowering clematis. Prune too late in the spring and you risk cutting away energy-boosting sap from the plant. When it comes to evergreens, wait until the warmer weather of April so their foliage has time to grow a little. Don’t trim too much—simply remove dead limbs and foliage and enough stem to promote fresh growth for next year.
  • Clean out garden beds: If you haven’t already cleaned out last year’s annuals from gardening beds, March is the time to do so. Also, pull weeds, turn the soil, mix in nutrient-rich vegetable/flower soil and compost and add protective mulch and/or weed barrier to deter weed seedlings.
  • Banish slugs: Slugs are attracted to new plant growth, but be wary of your slug extermination method to avoid killing your garden in the process. Use organic slug pellets, as these products are not dangerous to animals, insects and plants. Another option is to add plants that slugs hate near your garden beds.
  • Mow and sow: The combination of a wet winter and sunny spring makes for plush green lawns. Mow the grass on a dry day to maintain aesthetics, but consider just preparing your lawn for sowing seed and holding off until early April to lay turf.
  • Consult landscapers: Whether you want to update your landscape or are starting from scratch, reach out to professional landscapers for ideas. They can recommend the best landscape designs, new plants and ideal soil composition for your garden, as well as identify which trees need pruning.

If you live in the Chazy, NY area and need assistance with anything on your March landscaping checklist, don’t hesitate to contact Rand Hill Lawns, Inc. Get in touch with us today to schedule landscaping service!

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