The New York Homeowners’ Guide to Preparing Your Yard for Summer

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The best local landscapers know a thing or two about yards in Chazy, NY. When the warm weather returns and everyone’s aching to get outside, there are a few things you should know about getting and keeping your yard in top condition for summer. Here are our best tips to keep your lawn looking nice and green this season.

Fill in your lawn’s bald spots

One of the first steps that the best local landscapers will take to ensure a lawn is looking healthy is to fill in any thinning areas by reseeding the grass. When winter starts to fade away and the lush greenery of spring returns, you may begin to see some bare spots of thinner areas in your lawn. Reseeding these areas can help keep your lawn looking like new.

This means more than just throwing some seeds on the ground and walking away. First, clean up the area by raking up dead grass and debris. Then, loosen the soil, up to about one inch deep. Next, even out any dips or divots by spreading a layer of topsoil. This will help your new grass take root.

Now you can seed your lawn. Make sure to use the right type of seed depending on how much sun or shade the area receives, and be sure to spread it out so it’s not clustered. You should then fertilize the soil to prevent weeds from growing and to help the grass grow quickly. Add another layer of topsoil to protect the seeds from birds, and gently water the grass each day for 10 to 14 days. Be sure not to overwater, and remember that once the new grass is established, you can back off on the daily watering.

Test and aerate the soil

A healthy lawn should have the correct pH balance in the soil. If you buy a soil analysis test kit, you can tell if your lawn needs more nutrients from additives like compost or fertilizer. You can also get worms from a garden center to help keep the soil nutrient rich.

Aerating the soil will allow more oxygen, water and nutrients to reach the roots of the grass. To aerate the soil, you can use an aerator machine to dig down into the lawn and remove small columns, which are sometimes called plugs, leaving small holes in the lawn that will naturally fill in. You may want to hire a professional for a job like this.

Eliminate pests

Your lawn is not only beautiful, but it is also delicious to many bugs. Crickets, beetles, grubs and other pests can easily destroy all the hard work you’ve put into your spectacular yard. If your lawn has a pest problem, the fastest and most effective way to handle it is to hire a pest control expert to eliminate it and prevent it from happening again.

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