Handle These Lawn Care Items Before Winter

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For many homeowners, lawn care is largely seen as being a warm-weather activity. While planting flowers and pulling weeds typically are things you handle in the spring and summer, you shouldn’t neglect your lawn before winter weather sets in. Continue reading to learn some reliable landscaping tips in Chazy, NY that need to be handled this fall:

  • Mow: Just because it’s winter doesn’t necessarily mean your grass is done growing. Cool-season grasses continue to grow slowly until the ground is frozen. If you have cool-season grasses on your property, we recommend mowing every two weeks or so. Drop your mower deck to the lowest setting in order to clear away any debris while you mow.
  • Aerate: Aerating is the process of creating holes in the soil to alleviate any compaction while giving the roots more air and water. If you have pets or kids and your yard gets a lot of use, the ground is bound to be more compact. You’ll need to aerate your lawn at least once a year if that’s the case. With winter on its way, now is the perfect time to tackle that chore.
  • Seed: With the yard properly aerated, now is the perfect time to spread new grass seed. Laying down seed now will allow the roots to grow throughout the winter. Come springtime, you’ll have the greenest and lushest grass on the block! Talk to your lawn care professional about the best grass type to use for your lawn.
  • Fertilize: Another one of our top reliable landscaping tips in Chazy, NY is to fertilize your lawn about a month before the ground freezes. Fertilizing helps your grass weather the winter, ensuring it’s lush in the spring. Again, your lawn care professionals can advise you on the best fertilizers to use on your lawn.
  • Rake: Nobody likes raking up all of those fallen leaves, but it’s crucial if you want to keep your lawn looking healthy next spring. Letting fallen leaves sit on the grass all winter allows for fungal growth that can kill the grass. Moles may also burrow under those clumps of leaves, leaving you with holes in your yard next spring.
  • Mulch: Instead of raking up your leaves, run them over with your mower instead! Running your mower over leaves with a special mulching attachment chops the leaves up into fine particles. On top of saving you tons of time raking and bagging, the small leaf bits provide a little bit of protection for the grass come winter.
  • Weed control: As with all other plants, autumn is when weeds start to gather as much sunlight and nutrients from the soil as possible. Take advantage of this by spraying a powerful weed killer on them. Weed killers do all of the work for you, so you don’t have to worry about pulling them.

Hire Rand Hill Lawns, Inc. for your winter lawn preparation

If you’re unable or uninterested in tackling your seasonal lawn preparation, call our professionals at Rand Hill Lawns, Inc. We’re proud to be a comprehensive lawn care company. Give us a call today to learn more reliable landscaping tips in Chazy, NY or to get a quote for our services.

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