Your Complete Guide to Autumn Lawn Prep for Winter

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Fall will arrive before we know it, and that means preparing your lawn for winter. The work you perform now will result in a lovely lawn next spring that is ready for outdoor recreation. Wait until fall, but do not wait too long, as that is the perfect time to treat your lawn and stimulate grass growth. Here are six landscaping tips to prepare your Chazy, NY lawn for winter:

  • Attack the thatch: Thatch is a layer of dead grass, moss and debris that blocks water and fertilizer from reaching the roots of your grass. You can remove it by raking. Autumn is the best time to remove thatch because the growth is more established than in early spring. This allows you to attack thatch more aggressively and remove more of it before your lawn hibernates for the winter.
  • Start trimming: A wet winter can turn your yard into a jungle. Control it now by trimming back lawn and garden edges. If grass is growing horizontally, cut it back using lawn scissors. Once done, remove the cutting from the bed so it does not introduce additional thatch to your lawn.
  • Aerate: Aerating involves spiking your lawn so more fertilizer and water can penetrate the roots. The process also allows lawns to survive excessive precipitation during winter so the roots are not waterlogged. There are many ways to aerate lawns, with lawn aeration shoes being a favorite among those who enjoy going for a walk. You can also rent a mechanical aerator or punch holes in the ground using a hand aerating tool.
  • Flatten the bumps: After a summer of outdoor recreation and kids running around, your lawn likely became uneven. There can be bumps and recesses, which are not helpful for optimal winter protection. If you find a bumpy spot, use a half moon edging iron to shave it down to ground level. Always finish this step after you aerate, because that will make the job much easier. Repeat this process with any dips or troughs until your lawn is mostly even. Heavy traffic areas will need forking to break up soil and improve drainage. Make sure to push the fork four to six inches into the ground.
  • Apply a top dressing: A flat and aerated lawn is ready for top dressing. This step improves soil structure and root development. Spread it with a rake before you fertilize.
  • Apply weed and feed product for autumn: Your local hardware store offers seasonal varieties of lawn feed, including varieties designed for autumn. These products contain higher levels of phosphates and potash, which help protect lawns from frost and ice. Purchase one of these products and apply to your lawn. Use a lawn spreader for even application. Avoid high nitrogen feeds, as that encourages top growth which does not survive cold conditions. Save those products for spring, after the snow melts.

Not all of us enjoy performing landscaping tasks, and it may be better to hire this out to the professionals. Rand Hill Lawns, Inc. is your go-to specialist when you require residential landscaping and lawn care. Call us today to get more landscaping tips in Chazy, NY or arrange for a visit.

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