Four Important Reasons Not to Skip an Annual Fall Cleanup

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Any business or homeowner will tell you that maintaining a property’s landscaping is a year-round job, but the responsibilities change as the year goes on. As the weather starts to cool off for good, fall cleanup should be foremost on your mind.

Battling leaves and removing other debris is a tiresome and frustrating task, but it will pay dividends for your yard. A lot of this just takes time and elbow grease, but many property owners prefer hiring a professional landscaping service in Chazy, NY for fall cleanups. Read on for four reasons why this chore isn’t something you should skip—rather, delegate to a landscape management professional!

  1. Leaves harm grass: Letting leaves pile up all over your yard is unsightly, but it can also be harmful – you could be doing real damage to the grass underneath. If leaves are allowed to pile up, especially when they’re damp, they’re going to clump and start to choke out light and air from reaching the grass. This can easily kill your lawn and will mean that you need to reseed bare patches when spring rolls around.
  2. Pests love leaves: Allowing leaves to pile up unchecked means that you’re also creating a perfect habitat for bothersome rodents like voles and mice. They love to hole up in there while they work at munching on your grass. Additionally, fungal diseases can spring up when the weather gets cold and wet, which also wreak havoc on the grass below. Regularly raking or blowing the leaves off of your lawn is the best way to prevent this type of decay.
  3. Prevent harmful thatch buildup: If you’ve been raking up your grass clippings all summer, you probably don’t need to worry about thatch—that brown buildup of dead grass that hasn’t quite decomposed. If you’re in the vast majority of people who don’t rake up grass all summer, then you should take the time in the fall to dethatch your lawn and allow it the chance to regenerate and thrive. Any professional landscaping service in Chazy, NY will be able to quickly deal with this challenge.
  4. Less work in the spring: One advantage of working in the fall is that the weather is nice and cool, so it doesn’t feel as strenuous as it does in warmer seasons. For that reason, take advantage of this time and knock out annoying spring jobs now. Weeding in the autumn can really give you a head start on the same task in the spring, and fall is the time to plant beautiful bulbs like tulips, daffodils and dahlias that will bloom once the weather warms back up.

Caring for your lawn and your landscaping takes time and commitment, but the benefits are clear. If you’d like yours to have that perfect finished look to it, then a professional landscaping service in Chazy, NY could be the right call. Rand Hill Lawns is experienced at everything from fall cleanups to snow removal. Call us today for your free consultation!

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