Protect Next Year’s Plants from Disease by Getting Fall Lawn Cleanup Service

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Preparing and caring for your landscaping is basically a year-round job. Raking, mowing, weeding and mulching is just the start, and sometimes it seems that mere maintenance is enough to keep you entirely busy. That said, fall is a particularly key time to do some preventative work that will pay dividends in the spring.

Plant pathogens and diseases can present themselves at this time of year in particular, largely thanks to the leaves all over the ground, and these issues should be addressed sooner rather than later. Working with dependable landscapers in Chazy, NY can help ensure your yard is in top condition come spring by performing some basic services around your property.


Aeration is the act of punching small holes all over your grass, typically using a machine that pulls out small plugs, or “cores,” of soil. This is a critical task because grass roots can only grow rather shallow if they have a layer of “thatch” at the base—this is the organic material that builds up over time. It can prevent critical nutrients like fertilizer, water and oxygen from reaching the roots of your grass, and can lead to shallow root growth.

Aerating breaks up this thatch and allows air to reach the roots, which not only allows nutrients to better penetrate the soil, but also loosens it so grass roots can grow deeper. This has the added benefit of making your grass thicker and lusher, so it’s a great task to have completed by a dependable landscaper in Chazy, NY.

Leaf removal

Leaf accumulation is not just an unsightly annoyance. It can also prevent water and sunlight from reaching your lawn, which not only inhibits the growth of grass, but can also lead to a number of nasty turf diseases. Mold and fungus can thrive in these damp and dark conditions, and they can wreak havoc across the lawn. Nip this in the bud by either mulching your leaves when you mow or by regularly raking them up and disposing of them appropriately. Leaf removal is also a standard part of most fall cleanups offered by landscaping services, so they can help take this task off your plate.

Trim and collect loose branches

The storms of fall and early winter are likely to knock down a lot of branches around your property. Regular collection of these is a good idea for the safety of your family as well as the integrity of your lawn equipment. You should also keep a lookout for any branches that look like they’re on the verge of coming down. These can also present a safety hazard to your family, as well as to your roof and windows. A dependable landscaper in Chazy, NY can quickly identify and remove these troublesome limbs.

If your home or business is in need of a good fall cleanup to get it ready for winter (and spring), give Rand Hill Lawns, Inc. a call today. Our experienced team will get your landscaping in top shape and ready to take whatever our New York winters can throw at it!

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