Five Easy Ways to Improve Your Lawn

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As you consider yard cleanup in Chazy, NY to get ready for the summer season, consider these tips. Taking a few simple steps to prep your lawn with the right care and plant fertilization measures can save you time and headache throughout the season. You’ll enjoy a greener, lusher lawn to make your property the envy of the neighborhood.

Aerate it (yearly)

Over time, your soil can become compacted due to heavy use by pets, kids, bicycles, mowers and other lawn traffic. When soil is compacted, the drainage, air circulation and nutrient absorption are diminished. To correct these issues, consider aerating your lawn. To aerate, punch 3-inch-deep holes a few inches apart throughout your lawn. Handheld tools and aerating machines are available to help with this task. This process will loosen the soil and give it better circulation for healthy growth. For best results, aerate annually.

Water it (less often)

That’s right—watering your grass less often is actually better for its health and growth. Quick sprinkles each day don’t help. Instead, water your lawn weekly with one inch of water. This will allow the roots to grow deep and help the grass stay greener. To determine when you’ve provided an inch of water, place small containers around the yard before watering. When these have an inch of water in them, you can turn off the sprinkler. If the container levels are uneven, you know you need to make adjustments to water the area more evenly.

Fertilize it (naturally)

Plant fertilization is a common solution to help grass stay greener throughout the growing season. However, choosing the right fertilizer is crucial. Natural fertilizers work better than synthetic ones, and they are healthier for the environment. If you’re not sure which products would be best for your setting, consult with your local experts in plant fertilization in Chazy, NY.

Cut it (correctly)

While it may be tempting to cut your grass as short as possible to lengthen the time between mowing chores, this is not necessarily a good solution. Depending on the grass species in your lawn, you may need to adjust your blade height. Don’t assume the highest or lowest setting is best. To determine the best length for your lawn, contact your local lawn experts. (Note: It’s important to keep your lawnmower blades sharp to properly cut the grass.)

Compost it (environmentally)

To reduce waste and improve your lawn growth, try composting. Use waste from your kitchen and garden to improve the soil and growth on your lawn. Compost can prevent erosion of topsoil, reduce pests, add nutrients and improve drainage. Plus, it helps reduce household waste by repurposing it instead of sending it to a landfill.

Consult with the experts

If you’d like more tips to make your lawn care easier this season, contact the pros at Rand Hill Lawns, Inc. Family owned and operated, we’ve been the area’s go-to lawn experts since 1986. We can offer insights and assistance on everything from plant fertilization to yard cleanup in Chazy, NY. Reach us today at 518-563-8566.

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