The 15 Best Flowers for Summer

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For many homeowners, summer means it’s officially time to start thinking about their flowers. If that sounds like you, keep reading—this post will cover the 15 best flowers for summer that you can plant right now:

  • Angelonia: With spires of bright blooms, angelonia adds a beautiful touch to any garden. Because it handles drought, sunlight, heat and humidity well, it is the perfect summer flower for beginner gardeners.
  • Begonias: The long-blooming pink, red or white flowers on begonias can last all summer long. Low-maintenance landscapers will love these plants because they’re both drought and pest resistant.
  • Coleus: The patterns of green, burgundy, scarlet, gold and red colors on this eye-catching vegetation add depth and texture to any garden. Plant it with flowers that contrast or complement its leaves for a dramatic effect.
  • Elephant’s ear: For a bold and tropical look this summer, plant a few elephant’s ears in your garden. Some species like shade, while others like sun, so be sure to ask a landscaper before planting these.
  • Evolvulus: The blue color of evolvulus blooms makes them some of the best summer flowers. These plants grow best in full sunlight and when they get a bit of water during dry spells.
  • Graptophyllum: The greens, pinks, silvers and purples of the graptophyllum add an exotic look to your garden. Be sure to keep the soil moist and prune the plant every few weeks to encourage new growth.
  • Lantana: Planting a few lantanas is another way to add some tropical flair to your garden. These plants love the heat and don’t require much water, so they’re good for gardeners lacking a green thumb.
  • Mandevilla: With large red, pink and white blooms, the mandevilla provides a beautiful tropical appearance.
  • Pentas: The hydrangea-like blooms of red, pink, lavender or white pentas are sure to put you in a summer mood. This plant will bloom from spring through fall without much care.
  • Portulaca: The portulaca is yet another drought-tolerant flower that looks great in any garden. Though they don’t mind droughts, these summer flowers grow best when they receive water throughout the season.
  • Scaevola: Purple scaevola is the perfect accent to any garden, especially ones that currently lack some color. These annuals can flourish in full sun or partial shade.
  • Persian shield: Much like the coleus, the purple leaves of a Persian shield lend an exotic tropical appearance to any New York garden. This plant needs a lot of water, so be sure to keep an eye on it.
  • Sunpatiens: These impatiens are developed to thrive in the sun and heat. Plus, they come in a variety of different colors to complement any lawn or garden.
  • Sweet potato vine: The sweet potato vine is another one that looks great in all gardens or planter boxes. The bright colors do best in full sunlight.
  • Vinca: The reds, pinks, lavenders and whites of the vinca make it a favorite among many gardeners. These flowers do well in full sun or shade.

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