Why It’s Important to Trim Your Shrubbery

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While mowing the lawn and removing landscaping debris is essential to the look of your yard, and your property as a whole, you shouldn’t forget to give your shrubs and bushes some attention. Here are five great reasons that support the importance of trimming and pruning shrubbery on a regular basis.

Pruning gives plants an attractive shape

One of the key reasons why trimming and pruning bushes is important is that it simply makes your landscape look better. Shrubs don’t grow into ideal shapes on their own; they’re trimmed and reshaped into attractive forms by the hands of skilled gardeners and landscapers. When plants grow out of balance either with the yard or just due to their own growing pattern, it can throw off the look of an otherwise attractive yard. Keep your shrubs in good shape and your landscaping, as well as your overall curb appeal, will also be in good shape.

Pruning promotes new growth

You want your plants to grow healthy and strong, and pruning helps them do just that. While it might seem contradictory, cutting off certain portions of your plant actually promotes new, healthier growth. It improves a plant’s survival chances, especially for areas that are in need of a little extra sunshine. By trimming and cutting thoughtfully and deliberately, you improve the overall health of your shrubs.

Pruning keeps plants alive longer

It follows that a healthier plant lives longer than an unhealthy one. Regularly trimming plants like shrubs and trees helps them better withstand the elements, including snow, ice and strong storms. If you notice any crossing or rubbing branches, remove them to prevent any damage to the main branches and preserve the overall health of your shrubs. Also look for signs of disease or decay and remove them promptly to keep disease from spreading throughout the entire plant.

Pruning encourages the growth of flowers

One of the lesser-known but still significant reasons to support the importance of trimming and pruning shrubbery is that it can coax growth spurs to form on branches. Forsythia, holly and beautyberry are common flowering shrubs that grow best with routine pruning. If you want to make the most of these lovely flowering bushes, keep an eye on them and trim and cut whenever necessary.

Pruning helps you create special effects

Regular pruning helps you give your garden a bit of formality and order, which is striking in any outdoor setting. Some of the shrubs that produce the best effects include boxwood hedges, topiary and thuja. It does take a lot of skill and expertise to create unique sculptural effects, which is why it’s often best to rely on professional landscapers to ensure best results.

While it’s easy to see why trimming and pruning bushes is important, completing the job is always easier said than done. It’s helpful to let expert landscapers take care of the job instead of getting your hands dirty and making cuts that aren’t necessarily best for the appearance and health of your plants. Contact Rand Hill Lawns, Inc. to schedule your pruning and enjoy a healthier, more attractive yard.

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