Everything You Need to Know About Hydroseeding

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You may have heard of hydroseeding before, especially if you’ve had to install a new lawn or make significant repairs to an old one. Hydroseeding is an effective way to bring a lawn to life through the use of specialized equipment. This process is used more often than traditional lawn seeding, as it’s usually more effective and affordable. Read on if you’re interested in learning more about hydroseeding.

How does hydroseeding work?

The hydroseeding process starts with a mixture of seed, bio-stimulants, mulch, fertilizer and water. This mixture, also called a “slurry,” is kept within a hydroseeder tank, then transported to the area where the hydroseeding will occur. Professionals will spray the mixture on the designated surface via a high-pressure sprayer. It usually takes a few weeks for the seeds to properly germinate after hydroseeding.

What is the purpose of hydroseeding?

As mentioned above, hydroseeding is mainly used to create beautiful yards. That said, the process can have many other positive effects as well. For example, hydroseeding is often used in preventing erosion at construction sites. Hydroseeding is also known to help prevent weed growth and reduce dust pollution. Other common uses for hydroseeding include landfill covering, shoreline stabilization and much more.

In the past, hydroseeding has even been used to help restore plant life following forest fires. In these instances, helicopters and other aircraft were used to cover a large area of land with hydroseeding slurry.

Advantages of hydroseeding

Hydroseeding is a popular option for landscaping these days, and for good reason. For starters, hydroseeding is a much quicker and more efficient process than traditional seeding. In fact, it takes about half the time of traditional seeding, meaning your seeds will start to grow that much quicker. Hydroseeding can also help save on labor costs, since the process is so efficient.

With traditional seeding, it’s sometimes hard to plant on uneven or sloped surfaces. This isn’t an issue with hydroseeding, as the process will effectively coat almost any surface. Hydroseeding also usually produces higher germination rates.

Hydroseeding costs

The cost of hydroseeding can depend on the size and scope of your project. Typically, hydroseeding costs around 18 cents per square foot. The type of materials used for the slurry can also affect the price. It’s always good to ask for an estimate before having any work done on your lawn.

While some people prefer to perform the hydroseeding process on their own, it’s usually best to contact a landscaping expert. The process may be quick and efficient, but it requires the use of expert techniques and equipment. If you’re worried about the price of hydroseeding, ask the company you’re working with whether they offer cheaper alternatives for certain materials.

Save yourself some time and energy by having a professional take care of the hydroseeding process for you. Contact Rand Hill Lawns, Inc. today and we will have your lawn looking beautiful in no time. In addition to hydroseeding, we offer a variety of top-quality landscaping services, including fertilizing, excavation and much more. Reach out to schedule an appointment.

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