The Tools You’ll Need for a Fall Cleanup

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Fall is just around the corner, meaning it’s time to start thinking about a fall cleanup for your lawn. A good fall cleanup should include removing any dead branches, leaves and other debris from your lawn. You might even want to give your lawn one last trim before packing in your mower for the season. Providing your lawn with proper care in the fall will help ensure that it stays healthy during spring.

You might be wondering what equipment is commonly used for a fall cleanup. Below, we’ve covered all the equipment you’ll need. If you’re missing any of this equipment, or just don’t have the time to prepare your lawn for fall, consider contacting a professional landscaping company to assist you:

  • Leaf blowers or rakes: To properly remove leaves, you’ll want to use the right tools. If there’s only a small amount of dead leaves littering your yard, you could probably get away with a simple and inexpensive rake. That said, a good leaf blower will make the job much easier. With a leaf blower, you can quickly remove leaves from a large surface area in no time. However, finding the right leaf blower can be a bit challenging. It’s important to avoid buying a suspiciously cheap leaf blower, as these may not work as well as advertised. Check reviews, and consider asking an expert in the area for their recommendation.
  • Chainsaws: An important part of the fall cleanup process is getting rid of dead branches. Sometimes, these branches can be too large to remove in one go, which is why it’s good to have a chainsaw on hand. Chainsaws are relatively easy to find and operate. However, it’s always important to practice proper safety precautions when operating a chainsaw. These are dangerous tools that can cause very serious injury when not used properly.
  • A lawnmower: Hopefully, you’ve had a good working lawnmower for some time. While you’ll need to mow your lawn more often during the summer, grass can sometimes continue to grow into the fall. Keep mowing your lawn until the weather gets cold enough for the grass to stop growing. Keeping your lawn at a good level will help maintain its health through the season.
  • Cordless drills: For many people, fall cleanup includes preparing their deck for the colder months. Good deck maintenance should include routine cleaning, the covering of outdoor furniture and tightening any loose screws. A good cordless drill can allow you to take care of any loose screws or bolts in no time.

Contact a professional

Hopefully, you now have a better idea of what equipment is commonly used during a fall cleanup. But even if you have all the right equipment, it never hurts to get professional help with lawn maintenance, especially before the colder weather hits. A good landscaping company can quickly and efficiently take care of all your fall cleanup needs. Professionals also know how to spot and fix smaller issues with your lawn, thus preventing larger ones from arising in the future. If you’re in need of top-quality lawn care this fall, contact the experts at Rand Hill Lawns, Inc. today to schedule an appointment!

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