How Does a Snow Removal Contract Work?

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Winter is here and, with it, comes snow and ice. While it might look pretty while you’re still inside, once you’re out in it, it’s no fun. Whether it’s clearing a driveway or shoveling a sidewalk, these are chores that most homeowners and business owners want to avoid.

The solution is hiring a qualified snow removal company for your home or business; however, many people wonder exactly what is involved in a snow removal contract.

Read on to find out about different types of snow removal contracts and what you should expect.

What are the different types of snow removal contracts?

There are three primary types of contracts for snow removal:

  • Per event: If you only want to pay when snow falls, then this type of contract is for you. The company will usually have a threshold of how much snow has to accumulate (e.g., 3 inches) before they remove snow from your property. Some people like this service, as you only pay for the amount of service received.
  • Seasonal: This service is set at a fixed price for more than one year. By going with seasonal, you take out the guess work in how much you’ll pay for snow removal and keep costs consistent. If there’s more snow than usual, this is a good deal. If it’s a milder winter with less snow, then the snow removal company benefits.
  • Full-service: When you want to ensure that your property is completely clear of snow and ice, then this is the best plan. Think of this as a premium service. Full-service is ideal for retail property managers who want to ensure that their parking lots and walkways are clear of snow and ice at all times.

What are the different parts of a snow removal contract?

Now let’s take a look at what’s typically included in a contract:

  • Details of snow removal: Your contract will cover exactly how the snow is removed by plowing, shoveling or blowing. This will depend on the type of property and whether you want walkways or sidewalks cleared as well as a driveway or parking lot.
  • Snow hauling: Many business owners want snow hauled away to enhance safety and avoid huge piles of snow on their properties.
  • Ice removal: Business owners know that slip and fall accidents can result in lawsuits. Allowing ice to accumulate on your property makes these accidents much more likely. One of the key parts of a snow removal contract is determining how ice will be removed. Options include pretreatment with liquid deicer and spreading salt around the property. Discuss which option might be best for you with an ice removal expert.

Now you should have a better idea of what is involved in a snow removal contract. At Rand Hill Lawns, Inc., we do it all when it comes to residential and commercial snow and ice removal. We remove snow quickly and thoroughly after it falls so it doesn’t have a chance to build up. Find out more about our affordable rates by giving us a call right now.

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