Signs That Your Lawn Took Winter Damage

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We all want a lush, green lawn, but with winter slowly fading, it may be evident that your lawn sustained some damage over the colder months. Knowing signs of winter lawn damage can help you figure out a course of action for getting your lawn back in shape. Here are some ways to spot signs of damage from the winter in your lawn.

How To Tell if Your Lawn Is Damaged From the Winter

The first sign that your lawn may have sustained damage is snow mold. This is most common when the snow sits for a very long time. The grass beneath it becomes matted, allowing mold to grow there. This is something that is not going to show up until the snow is gone and your grass starts to perk up. Snow mold spots are gray or pinkish and will kill off the surrounding grass.

Another issue you might run into is damage from rodents that burrow under the ground, like voles. These will be dead trails or paths that the vole has burrowed under the ground. You may also notice desiccation of the grass. This occurs when you have a very dry winter with very cold winds that blow across the grass and kill it off. This also occurs when the roots cannot replenish their moisture and the grass then dies. This will present with dry, brown patches of grass that are not growing back.

The last type of damage you might see is crown hydration. This occurs when the winter weather goes from warm to cool, then to freezing without staying at a steady temperature. Crown hydration causes the crown of the grass to crystallize and burst, which then kills off the top of the grass, leaving unsightly dead spots and brown patches. This is most common at the end of winter when the temperatures start to warm up, but they have not fully done so.

What Can You Do?

Contacting a lawn care expert will be your best course of action when it comes to the care of your grass and making sure your lawn recovers. In some cases, these issues can be treated; in others, the grass will need to be resown. Your lawn care experts will be able to look at your law, offer an idea of what might be causing the issue, then work to provide a specific treatment that will get you the lawn you have always wanted.

No one should have to worry about what their lawn will look like after the winter months have passed. With proper care and consideration, you can have the lawn you have always wanted, and your lawn can start to recover from the damage that the harsh temperatures of winter caused.  

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