Taking Care of Your Lawn in the Winter

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Having a nice lawn and landscaping plan is something that many people will take pride in. Not only will a healthy lawn improve the appearance of your home, but it can help to save money over time as you will need to spend less on landscaping repairs and upgrades. While most people know the importance of caring for their lawn during the warm months of the year, you also need to care for it during the winter. Proper lawn care during the winter can help to prevent damage and help your lawn look strong and healthy once the weather turns warmer. For those that are wondering how to save your lawn during the winter, there are various tips that can be followed. 

Prepare Lawn for Snow

While most people would think that snow would be devastating for your lawn, it can actually be beneficial in some ways if you are properly prepared. For those wondering what you need to do for your lawn while its snowing, ensuring your yard is ready for the snow is a big first step. This should include making sure that your grass is cut short at the end of the fall. While you may want to cut it long throughout the summer, short grass during the winter will help prevent snow mold. 


Before the start of winter, you should also apply fertilizer to your yard. There are a few times during the warm months of the year when you should fertilize your lawn. Adding fertilizer with nitrogen will help to protect your lawn during the cold months of the year. This can help protect it against freezing temperatures and give it the support it needs to grow back healthy in the spring. 

Have Lawn Aerated

A reason that a lawn can be damaged during the winter is that the frozen ground can make it harder for moisture to seep through. To help with this, having your lawn aerated is a good idea. If you have your lawn aerated towards the end of the fall, it will help your lawn breathe throughout the winter months. This could then result in having healthier grass and plans once the winter approaches. 

Clean Up Garden

If you have a garden in your yard, you will want it to be ready to thrive when the weather turns. For those wondering how to take care of your garden during the winter, cleaning the garden up is very important. This should include cutting off all the dead leaves on perennial plants and digging up any annuals. Getting rid of dead plants will help to avoid the development of mold and will attract fewer bugs and critters. 

If you live in a cold climate, you are likely very aware of what the freezing weather, snow and ice can do to your lawn. While it can be hard on the ground, grass, and your landscaping, there are tips you can follow that will help to protect your yard and plants. 

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