What Should I Do To My Lawn Before Fall?

July 13, 2022 Published by Leave your thoughts

You need to prepare yourself for the Fall weather that is to come and how this will have an impact on your lawn. From how to get rid of weeds to managing the soil of your lawn, there several Fall lawn care tips that you should do today to help keep it protected. 

Remove Leaves

You may think of Fall as the time when leaves are falling to the ground, but it can happen before then. You should try to get ahead of this by taking care of the leaves as they fall to the ground. If you keep your lawn relatively clear of leaves all the time, then you won’t necessarily have the problem of removing quite as many leaves when you get to the Fall season. 

Fertilize Your Lawn

Another thing to think about as Fall approaches is how you will fertilize your lawn for the coming change in weather. You should be fertilizing your lawn a full four times per year for best results, but take care to get the lawn fertilized appropriately. This is to say that you should keep it freshly fertilized right before the Fall season, in particular. 

Save Tulip Bulbs

If you happen to have tulips planted anywhere on your lawn, make sure you take some time to save the tulip bulbs that appear on your lawn. You need to do so in order to make sure they aren’t eaten up by frost. This can easily happen to your tulip bulbs if you leave them out in the cold weather to rot away. Instead of taking a chance like that, why not work on ensuring your tulip bulbs are saved and preserved for the future? 

Cut the Grass Short

You may want to cut the grass extremely short before the Fall season is upon us. The reason for doing so is to try to make sure it stays short and under control in the future. You shouldn’t have to cut it at all during the Fall and Winter seasons, but you may need to get in one last good trim of the grass before the Fall is upon us. If that is the case, make sure you are taking care to get this done. It is the only way that you can know for sure that your lawn will stay healthy throughout the Fall. 

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