How to Keep Your Lawn Healthy in Colder Weather

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If you are at a loss about how to care for lawn in colder weather, there are several excellent winter lawn care tips you should consider. Cold weather lawn care will ensure that your grass and yard remain healthy for the next season. A beautiful lawn enhances the beauty and curb appeal of the home, so don’t ruin it by winter neglect. If you value your property, read on to discover how to care for your lawn during the winter.

Fertilize Trees in the Winter

Cover your lawn in the final weeks of autumn or the early months of winter, just before the first major freeze occurs. This helps to replenish and lock in any nutrients that might be lost during the first freeze. Once snow sets in, it will be too late to place fertilizer.

When the snow covers the ground, plants and shrubs require a lot of nitrogen to survive. Using fertilizer, you can help your plants survive the long, cold winter.

Clean Up Before The First Snow

One of the best tips for winter lawn care involves good lawn cleaning. One of the worst things you can do to your lawn is ignore excess items on it before the snow sets in. Before the snow arrives, pick up all items such as garbage, toys, leaves, etc.

Without a thorough clean-up before the cold season, your lawn will suffer from uneven grass, dead spots, and grass mold the following year.

Practice Overseeding

You can seed areas that are damaged or dead. By seeding those spots, you are literally sowing the seeds for a great lawn once spring arrives. Pre-winter seeds in late August to mid-September and keep them well hydrated until snow or frost comes.

Restrict Turf Traffic

When it comes to winter, keep your walkways clear of ice and snow or other debris, so that everyone can walk on them as needed. Doing so will also help people avoid walking on the lawn instead.

Some people may erect a temporary fence to save their lawn until spring. In other cases, you may want to go ahead and place a sign that alerts people to stay off the grass.

Remove Weeds

Weed control is as important as any other aspect of prepping for a healthy lawn, especially since weeds can easily kill the grass. Autumn is the perfect time to do your weeding. While weeding the lawn and garden is very tedious, you will thank yourself for doing the work. Otherwise, melting snow may reveal a dead lawn when things warm up.

In conclusion, you have several options to keep your lawn healthy over the winter months. Cold weather lawn care is as important for the value of your home as for your own benefit. So make sure you get started before the first snowfall so you have a lovely lawn once again in the spring!

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