Fall leaves: The Importance of Leaf Clearing Before Winter

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Unless you live somewhere with no leaves, odds are you deal with piles and piles of them every fall. Keeping this in mind, the removal of leaves before the first snowfall is important. There are a few different reasons why removing leaves before the first snowfall is beneficial, and we want to help you learn why.

What Are the Benefits of Clearing Leaves

Have you ever felt stuffy and clogged up when fall comes around, and the leaves fall off the trees? If you experience this in the fall, you may be allergic to leaves. Removing these leaves from your yard can help to make it easier to breathe, it can help to remove that allergy from your yard, and it can help you feel better. You may not be the only one that is allergic either; your pets may also be allergic to leaves, and removing them can make their time outside more fun and less stressful.

Another distinct benefit you might notice if you are trying to figure out “Why do I need to clean up fallen leaves” is that wet leaves are slippery and can be dangerous. If you happen to step on wet leaves that are on a sidewalk or patio, they can cause you to fall. If you have small kids running around, these leaves can also pose a safety threat to them.

The last major benefit to removing leaves is that they tend to smother the grass if not removed. Leaves will naturally break down; over the months, they will decompose, and when spring comes they may be nearly all gone. If you have grass that is not super strong or that already struggles to grow, leaving leaves on it during the winter can smother it out and make it harder for it to grow back during the spring months.

Should I Hire a Professional to Clear My Leaves?

You may be wondering, “who do I hire to clear leaves,” and that is a valid question. In some cities there are free leaf removal services that circulate each year and your local government is likely going to make you aware of these services. If you do not have this service where you live, you can always contact a landscaping company for leaf removal.

Most landscaping companies remove leaves and snow when they are not cutting grass or trimming shrubs. Professional removal is going to make the process faster and easier for you and is also going to make it seamless.

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