The Benefits of Salt and Sand for Snow Removal

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Snow removal is just around the corner. With winter looming, now is the time to figure out how to care for your snow and how to completely remove it from your home so that you can stay safe. Sand and salt are a great way to get rid of your snow and to help make your home safer.

Is Salt or Sand Better for Melting Snow?

When it comes to snow and ice removal, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. Salt works to melt the snow by disrupting the bonds between the molecules of water in the snow. It helps to break up the bonds so that the water returns to its liquid state rather than staying solid.

Salt is used to melt snow, while sand is used for another purpose altogether. Sand is not used to melt snow, but rather to help improve the traction when the snow melts. Often, sand is mixed with salt to help melt the snow and then help to improve traction on the ground after the snow has been melted.

Salt vs Sand for Snow Removal

If you are looking to get your snow and ice removed, you’ll need both salt and sand. Salt is needed to help melt the snow and the ice and the sand is needed for traction. Sand itself is not going to melt the snow. If you have sand to use, it can help you get more traction on top of the ice, but if you want to remove the snow and ice, you do need to use salt to do that as well.

Using sand is going to help create the friction that is needed to help melt the snow, but it is not going to be as fast as the salt will be. If you are worried that you are going to damage the sidewalk underneath, it is better to take the time to use sand to help melt the snow.

How to Remove Snow with Salt or Sand

When it comes to removing ice and snow from your sidewalks and your yard, you need to first get the right salt and sand. Most salt that is used to help melt ice is going to have sand mixed with it. You need the right salt that is designed for residential snow and ice removal.

You then need to lay a thin layer of salt on the snow and ice to help with the melting. You can then let it lie there for a while and it will melt the snow and ice on its own.  

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