New Year, New Lawn: Tips for a Healthy Start in 2023

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If you have lawn goals as part of your New Year’s resolution, then you aren’t alone. There is just something about the excitement and sense of new opportunity with every new year. So, if you have landscaping goals 2023 on your resolution list or simply want a healthy lawn for the new year, there are some helpful tips to get you started.

Here is a look at a few simple steps to help you have a healthy lawn for the new year and for any of those 2023 lawn goals on your list.

New Year New Lawn: Tips

Few things look as pretty or welcoming as a beautiful yard or outdoor living space. Here are a few simple tips to help you prepare for a beautiful new year and lawn.

Watch How You Water

When the warmer weather breaks, and it is time to start watering, be sure to think about watering longer and less often. This will encourage your grass to grow deeper root structures, also making it stronger and healthier.

How You Mow Matters

If you have a habit of mowing in the same pattern and direction every time you mow, you could train your grass to grow with a slant. Using a different direction and pattern each time you cut the grass will help encourage your grass to grow straight and more vertically versus horizontally.

Watch How Much You Cut 

You should always be mindful of cutting your lawn too short. A good rule of thumb (especially during the early season) is to cut about a third of the grass blade. It is also a good idea to sharpen your mower blades before the mowing season starts to create a healthier and better-looking cut and lawn.

Fertilize, Fertilize, and Fertilize Some More

After your first few cuts of the season, don’t be so quick to rake your grass trimmings. If you leave those clippings alone, they will naturally settle back into the earth and provide some additional nutrients and moisture for your new grass. 

Fertilizer and grass seed to start the season are also encouraged. Remember, grass grows when it is fed, so fertilize, fertilize, fertilize. These are a few steps and the foundation for a new, happy, healthy lawn for 2023.

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