Winter Landscaping Tips for a Beautiful Yard

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The cold winters can be harsh, but you don’t have to sulk about it! With the right landscaping tips for winter, you can have your own winter wonderland in your backyard!

Here, we’ll give you quick and easy guides on how to add more color to your winter landscaping. There are so many awesome possibilities, so check out your options below.

Protect Your Soil

The first thing you need to do to protect your plants and trees in the winter is to protect the soil. You can do this by simply adding more layers of mulch on top. This helps prevent the frigid temperatures from damaging the soil with the repeated freezing and thawing of the ground. 

To give a sufficient layer of protection, apply as much as three to four inches of mulch. Make sure to do this ahead of time! Don’t wait until the ground starts to freeze. Also, leave some space on the trunk or stems — don’t overcrowd them with too much mulch. 

Stay Green With Evergreens

There’s a very good reason why evergreens are so hot in demand during winter. The obvious reason is that it keeps that vivid, dark green color even throughout the coldest temperatures. 

With evergreens around, you can get that bright contrast to an otherwise plain white winter wonderland you have in your backyard. And because they’re resilient throughout the different seasons, they require very little maintenance, which means less work for you. 

Be Berry and Bright

Berries are great for adding a bright touch to your winter landscaping. Not only do they add a colorful focal point, but they also help the birds survive the winter by providing them with delicious and nutritious sustenance. 

Among the trees and shrubs you can consider for your berries include the holly bush as well as the winterberry. 

Let It Rain

Not literally, but rather keep your regular watering schedule. Just because many plants go into hibernation mode during winter doesn’t mean they don’t need to be nourished with water anymore. 

Even the mighty evergreen can still be vulnerable to the harsh winter if not watered sufficiently. Be especially mindful as the season nears the end — the temperatures tend to fluctuate significantly, which can take its toll on the trees. 


Another thing you can do to liven up your winter landscaping is to accessorize the space. It can be by adding a decorative bird bath, setting up cozy seats around an outdoor fire pit, or simply using colorful pots.

Hanging plants also add depth and dimension to the space and can make a great addition to your landscaping without using up more ground space. 

Set up those twinkling outdoor lights. They’re perfect for creating that magical wonderland effect, especially among a blanket of white, powdery snow. 

These are some winter landscaping tips for a beautiful yard. Keep in mind that the key is in the preparation, so plan ahead so you can carry them out fast once the next winter season comes.


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