Planting Your Spring Garden

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With spring just around the corner now is the time to start thinking about your garden. With spring gardening West Chazy NY, key areas of concern are when to do it and what to plant. If you plant your garden too soon, the plants will be killed by the cold, plant too late, and you could miss the optimal growing season. In addition, you have to plant the right plant life to ensure it grows well as not every garden plant, fruity, or vegetable is suitable for the spring growing season. The following tips will ensure you plant not only the appropriate plants in your garden but that you also plant them at the right time.

Knowing When To Plant

A key aspect of a healthy garden is when to start spring garden in West Chazy NY. In New York state broadly speaking the last freezes occur around early May. However, this does not mean that a cold night with sub-freezing temperatures is out of the question. Trying to avoid the dangers of freezing weather in your garden is why it’s important to plant at the proper time and plant the proper vegetables. Certain types of vegetables can be planted on or around April 15th and can handle any sudden cold snaps. Other types of vegetables are more sensitive and should be planted in late May as the weather warms to avoid any freezing.

The Best Plants for a Spring Garden

What to plant for spring garden in West Chazy NY knowing what to plant and when is of utmost importance. Typically, you can split spring vegetables into early and later periods. The plants suitable for early April planting are hardier or grow underground making them capable of withstanding any sudden bouts of low temperatures and freezing that can occur in early Spring. These types of vegetables include lettuce, beets, spinach, celery, carrots, cabbage, and radishes. However, some Spring vegetables should be planted later in the season, around May, to avoid any freezing temperatures. These vegetables can be more sensitive to the cold and include tomatoes, eggplant, beans, sweet corn, and potatoes.

Final Thoughts

Knowing when and what to start planting in your spring garden in West Chazy NY can be challenging. It is important to balance the timing and the type of vegetables you are planting. While you can plan a diverse garden, you have to ensure your vegetables are planted at the right item with certain ones being planted early in the season and others later in May.

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