The Best Time To Fertilize Your Plants

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The Best Time To Fertilize Your Plants

When it comes to plants, fertilization is a necessary part of their care. Without it, they can’t grow well and produce the flowers and fruits they need. The best time to fertilize is when the plant’s root system can absorb nutrients quickly and easily. Ideally, this is spring or fall for vegetables and other edible crops.


Winter is a good time to feed the soil with a slow-release fertilizer that will provide nutrients gradually over a long period of time. This will give your lawn and garden a head start on spring growth and help them to sustain their color and break dormancy once the season starts. Many people think that plants don’t need fertilizer in the winter, but that’s not always true. It depends on your soil and the types of plants you’re growing.


Spring is the time of year when plants, shrubs and trees re-emerge from dormancy. Bare branches begin to sprout green buds and flowers like daffodils, tulips and roses begin to bloom for the first time in months. During spring, many plants need more nutrients than they did during the winter season because of the lack of rain and the growth of new buds. A good fertilizer will replenish lost nutrients and provide the nutrients necessary for healthy plant growth. Most gardeners find it best to fertilize their plants about twice a year, during the spring and summer when most plants are actively growing and budging. But some heavy feeders, including annual flowers, fruits and veggies, may require a fertilizer once or twice a month.


The warmest of all four seasons, summer can be an ideal time to work in your garden. This is also the season when most vegetable crops grow their best, especially those that are grown in soils with little natural nutrition. If your vegetables are showing signs of nutrient deficiency or poor flowering and fruit production, you’ll want to apply a high-quality liquid fertilizer right away. If you’re a gardening novice, it’s better to let a professional do the job for you.


Fall is the best time of year to fertilize your lawn, garden and landscape plants. This is because it encourages roots to grow deeper and stronger for winter protection. Fertilizing your grass in the fall will also give you a thicker, weed-free lawn and help your plants get the nutrients they need to bloom in the springtime. The key is to find the right fertilizer product for your specific soil and climate. A soil test will give you the best idea of what is needed in your yard. As an added bonus, a soil test is easy and inexpensive. It’s also the only way to know if your soil is properly nourished.

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